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REV Nitro 200W Box Mod Preview | A vaping "REV-olution?"
When you think of influential vape brands, companies like SMOK, Sigelei, Wismec, and Eleaf all come to mind. And while these brands continue to dominate the market, smaller companies are hoping to claim their piece of the pie. This is where REV-Tech come in. New to the industry and "raring to go", REV-Tech has launched three, brand new box mods back to back. And with these racing-inspired, REV mods popping up on my various vape feeds for a while now, I was too curious not to take a closer look. Here's what I found… Retail Price: $78.90 in https://vapesourcing.com/rev-nitro-200w-box-mod.html Colors: White, Gray, Black REV Nitro 200W Box Mod Preview REV-Tech have hit the ground running with the Sport, Nitro and GTS box mods released simultaneously this month. The Nitro 200W Box Mod is the most visually striking of these, with a short, curved body that almost molds to the inside of your palm. Powered by dual 18650 cells, its lightweight construction and easily gripped form factor offers excellent hand feel and comfortable operation. In keeping with the “racing car” theme, the circular, full color screen has a “speedometer-like” display, with a built-in “rev counter” making it even more realistic.

With the Nitro 200W Box Mod, top power is only a click away!

An angled, firing button sits at the top of the device, above the two adjustment buttons on the front facing panel for ease of use. But it is the third button that is the most interesting. Described as a “special button for increased performance”, we should assume that this is the “nitro” feature that REV-Tech is referring to by name. In theory, when this button is pressed, users should experience an “injection of power” while vaping. Why this would be necessary, is not 100% clear but for power fanatics, it is a great selling point nonetheless. REV Nitro mod sale From a tech-perspective, the Nitro includes various operating modes – including TCR – with 6 memory slots reserved for storing your favorite settings. And with 200W of top power and support for resistances as low as 0.08 Ohms, this mod has the ability to chuck clouds with the best of them. On the surface, REV-Tech's creative devices appear to be targeted towards car lovers and power fiends. This is an interesting decision by the brand and it may work exceptionally well for them initially simply because it is SO different. However, given its obvious design limitations, I can't help but wonder if REV-Tech's niche strategy will work over the long term. How do YOU feel about the REV Nitro 200W box mod, or Rev-Tech's products in general so far? Source: http://vaping360.com/rev-nitro-200w-box-mod/

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