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Digiflavor Drop RDA Preview | Drop, Drip and Go!
The Drop RDA is yet another collaborative creation; designed and conceptualized by Brian, the man behind the You Tube channel, "The Vapor Chronicles." After six months in the making, it is now ready to hit the shelves! Here's a little of what you can expect to see from this design… Retail Price: $28.9 in https://vapesourcing.com/digiflavor-drop-rda.html Colors: Black, Stainless Steel Digiflavor Drop RDA review It is Digiflavor's focus on flavor that underpins all of their designs. Keeping this objective in mind, the Drop RDA is an original, performance-driven platform that is unlike any we have seen before. Sitting at a height of 25.6 mm and offering a 24 mm outside diameter, this simple, two-toned atomizer is unlikely to turn heads based on appearance alone. However, with more time and effort spent on optimizing its functional features rather than its aesthetics, it is not until you lift the top cap that you really uncover its unique selling proposition. The creative re-imagining of the build deck includes an intuitive four post setup. These short, gold plated posts are positioned along the sides of the chamber, leaving the middle of the deck completely unobstructed. This setup allows for the perfect coil placement, suiting a range of coil configurations from basic, single coil setups to more complex, quadruple coil configurations. Its spacious internal chamber also offers a deeper juice well, which facilitates easier wicking and juicing of coils. The inclusion of a "locking notch" on the top cap provides more precise airflow control and minimizes leaking. A revolutionary design that will appeal to DIY enthusiasts and flavor chasers. cheap Digiflavor Drop RDA In an effort to optimize the airflow across the coils, airflow holes are positioned in a distinctive, T-Shaped layout on either side of the top cap. The stepped interior of the top cap works in conjunction with these airflow inlets, throttling the airflow up or down as preferred. In this way, users are guaranteed optimal flavor outputs across all setups with even single coil installations delivering a "true" flavor experience when compared to other rebuildables. All in all, Digiflavor's keen attention to detail combined with a focus on performance has resulted in an impressive platform. Along with a very versatile and simple to use design, the Digiflavor Drop RDA could easily become the "best flavor atomizer" of the year. If you're a fan of Digiflavor and/or The Vapor Chronicles, leave a comment and tell us why. Source: http://vaping360.com/digiflavor-drop-rda/

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