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Five Easy Ways to Clean Your Atomizers Effectively
Good day to all vapers and all connoisseurs of delicious electronic steam. Surely, each of the owners of atomizers has often faced the problem of blending tastes. For example, you fill a banana liquid, then a strawberry, and when the next one is filled, say with a taste of kiwi, then when you steam, you feel the taste of bananas and strawberries. Of course, it is best not to change so often flavoring dressings, but to give preference to a single taste, but not all so I can, some need experiments and a sense of new tastes. One of the most effective methods in this case will be a thorough cleaning of the atmosphere. Today we will talk about the five most effective methods for cleaning atomizers. To begin with, remember that there are so-called dominant flavors after soaring, which remain flavors on several tanks ahead. The most "caustic" dominants are menthol, mint, coffee, lemon and tobacco flavors. Even with the change of cotton wool/cotton after a few tanks you will feel the above tastes, using later fumes new liquids with other flavors. We will discuss with you five honey cleansing from the most unpretentious ones to the more advanced and reliable ones. clean atomizer Water About 71% of the Earth is covered with water. Water is the first in our list. This is the simplest method of cleaning, even if it is not the most effective, but by fulfilling all the requirements you can quickly get rid of "caustic" flavors. First you just need to disassemble the tank, for more efficient cleaning it is desirable to remove all o-rings, if there is such a possibility, because they absorb very well the smells. Take a small container by pouring water into the microwave for 3 minutes, until the water warms up. Rinse all parts of the tank under running water (not hot and not cold, the water should be warm), after you get the water from the microwave, put all parts in a container of heated water, leave the tank until the water becomes room temperature, and then rinse the tank under running water. water Vinegar and baking soda One of the effective cleaning methods. Here you will need two main components, which are used even for cleaning silver. Vinegar is one of the acids with an excellent detergent property, but remember if you use it when cleaning the atomizers - then you need a tank after it has dried for a minute or even more under the running water. Baking soda diluted in water is another excellent way of cleaning, but if you dissolve it in vinegar then its cleaning properties will be several times more effective, do not forget to wash the tank under running water after each cleaning. soda Alcohol This method of cleaning will be very useful, if you just received a tank in the original packaging. Factory oil and other components of the new tank can sometimes spoil the impression of the tank. So do not forget about the first cleaning, where alcohol will come to your aid, soaking in it all the elements of the atomizer and leaving it to "bake" for the night you will achieve an excellent result and atomizers will give out a pure unique taste of the liquid. Alcohol Cleaning with PG and VG Perhaps, one of the most frequently used methods recently, it will be much more effective than the above methods, but not as effective as the latter. With this method, it is possible to achieve deeper purification than soaking in the same water. Fill a small PG tank and simply drop all the parts of the disassembled atomizer down there for about 45 minutes. Instead of PG, you can use glycerol, but in this case you will have to wait longer, because of the high density of the component. After you remove all the elements of the structure from the liquid. Allow them to dry naturally. It is desirable in the sun, and only after it dry it will have to be thoroughly washed underwater. pg and vg The ultrasonic bath as "the god of cleaning the atomizers" In order to completely clean the atomizer from dirt and from the absorbers absorbed in it, it takes only a few minutes (depending on the model and the productivity of the machine) with an ultrasonic bath that completely cleans your atomizer. In order to use this method, you first need to buy an ultrasound bath, the most rational solution is if you have more than a dozen atomizers in the collection that you use constantly. ultrasonic bath Personally, in practice, try the above options for cleaning and if you did not help any of the options, then it's time to think about how to throw out your old atomizer and get a new one. To all dense and tasty and yes the pair will arrive with you!    

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