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Joyetech ECO BLACK TECHNOLOGY Will Sweep the Global e-cig Market in 2018
Very occasionally an e-cigarette design comes along that is truly different. Not just different for the sake of it, but different for a real purpose. The Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is that design. Beautiful, simple, and sleek, the features that make the AIO ECO special lie not in its looks, but beneath its skin: in its atomizer technology, and in its electronics. These features do not aim to increase the size of the cloud you can make, they are not about enabling enormous power to be unleashed, their purpose is purer and simpler: efficiency, economy, consistency, and great flavour from any e-liquid. In short, the things anyone that uses an e-cigarette instead of smoking wants and needs. eGo AIO ECO Kit in stock What does this mean to a user in real terms? This is an e-cigarette designed for use with nicotine strength at 10mg/ml or higher, and additionally with "nicotine salt" e-liquids. When used with these liquids it will reward the user with exceptionally low e-liquid consumption. In our tests we found that along with hugely satisfying flavour representation, many users consumed little more than half the e-liquid per day that they consumed with the original and highly popular Joyetech AIO. And it doesn't stop at e-liquid consumption. The electronics in the AIO ECO have been optimised to reduce battery consumption to the very minimum, so that despite the battery's diminutive physical size, it will power the device through two full tanks of e-liquid for most users. This incredible efficiency is achieved through unusual means. Surprisingly the AIO ECO uses a low resistance, in actual fact a "sub-ohm" coil in its atomizer head. For most e-cigarette experts, of course low resistance means high power, but at the cutting edge of new technology life is not always that simple. The AIO ECO is not just low resistance, but also low voltage, supplying around half the voltage of more conventional e-cigarettes to the specially designed coil. The Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is the fruit of countless hours of development in Joyetech's new state of the art laboratory facility, where not just electronic solutions, but also detailed chemical analysis of e-cigarette emissions can be measured, analysed and painstakingly improved by the world's very best vape product engineers and scientists. The result? This has to be the finest e-cigarette designed by smokers, and specifically for smokers that has ever been made.

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