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How Long Does an Atomizer Last?
The wire inside the atomizer has a service life. The service life of the atomizer varies according to different usage and frequency. Under normal circumstances, the atomizer could maintain 50 ml of e-liquid experience a good taste. In order for a better vaping experience and long service life of the atomizer, you could maintain your atomizer as the following tips: 1. Regularly clean the tank could extend the atomizer's service life. After cleaning, the parts should be dried and then installed, the core is not easy to dry, it is better not to clean the core. 2. When changing different flavors of e-liquid, it is necessary to clear the atomizer in advance, in order to prevent a variety of flavor residues and influence the vaping experience. 3. Remove the atomizer from the mod when not in use and store it properly, in order to prevent the mod automatic vaping and burn the core. Keep the atomizer clean, do not store too much e-liquid in the atomizer and close the airflow hole. 4. It will lead to the deformation of wire and shorten the life of wire if the metal wire is burned for a long time. When you vaping, you could shorten the burning time, and cool the atomizer, avoid long time burns. Here, I recommend you some top atomizers in our online outlet: TFV12 PRINCE TFV12 Cloud Beast Eleaf MELO 300  

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