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Study Shows Vaping Nicotine Enhances Creativity, Boosts Alpha Brain Waves
Have you ever wondered why so many movie stars, musicians, singers, and other creative artists smoke cigarette or vape? New research shows that the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes and now vaping devices may boost the production of alpha waves in the brain which often leads to enhanced creativity. Scientists also believe that the increased alpha waves somehow suppress certain irrelevant brain activities like daydreaming or "zoning out," which in turn helps the user to avoid distractions and focus better on the creative task at hand. Unfortunately, obtaining the creativity benefits of nicotine through conventional cigarettes involves the burning of tobacco leaves which emits a tar-filled smoke that is extremely carcinogenic. Vaping, on the other hand, does not. Furthermore, the e-liquids in electronic cigarettes are free of all those other added chemicals intentionally placed inside tobacco cigarettes to keep the smoker hooked. Many of these needless chemicals are also highly toxic. vaping nicotine Two scientists from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior at the Radboud University in Nijmegen conducted a study based on the hypothesis that the natural stimulatory effects of nicotine facilitate one's ability to anticipate distracting information and then ignore it more quickly. These capabilities are largely attributed to alpha brain wave production. Researchers Mathilde Bonnefond and Ole Jensen began by soliciting the assistance of eighteen smokers to participate in an experiment. Each was shown a series of letters flashing on a screen very quickly, and they were asked to memorize them. Meanwhile, the scientists recorded their alpha brain wave activities through the use of non-invasive magneto-encephalography (MEG) technology. Next, Bonnefond and Jensen would flash a "distractor" on-screen. There were two kinds of distractors. The first was deemed a "strong distractor" and came in the form of another letter flashing on-screen. The second was deemed a "weak distractor" and appeared as a symbol of some kind flashing on-screen. As these images flashed before the participants' eyes, they were instructed to ignore them. More info in https://www.vapes.com/blogs/news/study-shows-vaping-nicotine-enhances-creativity-boosts-alpha-brain-waves

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