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Comparison of Five MTL Atomizers
For many players who play with electronic cigarettes years ago, when talking about the mouth suction atomizer, the first time you will think of KF, rose, typhoon and other classic atomizer products. With the continuous innovation of the structure, the ease of use of the current mouth suction atomizer has been greatly improved. With the recent resurgence of mouth suction atomizer products, atomizer products that can be sucked by mouth or by lung slightly are often referred to as the MTL atomizer.

1. Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA

Its biggest feature is the two little pinions underneath. The way to determine the air intake aperture by dialing the gear is simple and clear. Players who like to further study the air intake can also change the air intake box on the inner side of the wire holder. With four kinds of pore size, pore location or number of holes determine the volume and scope of the role of the gas flow. As for the performance of suction resistance, it can only be said that Galaxies RTA is a pure MTL atomizer, its minimum suction resistance has been slightly smaller than that of regular cigarettes, the biggest resistance is the style of challenging limits. buy Vapefly Galaxies MTL RTA Use a 6-turn Ni80 with a resistance of 0.36Ω, and the 2.5mm single-hole square with the coil width. Although using the little chamber and such low-ohm coils are not easy to experience the low-temperature layered feeling in continuous use, they are relatively suitable for some e-juice that taste like my favorite. At the same time, the uniform analytical sensation of a certain fruit e-juice can express a pink sweet candy feeling. If you prefer a direct impact feeling, it is recommended to change to a 1mm double perforated air intake block.


The ADVKEN MANTA RTA can be said to be a hot-sale product from ADVKEN, and the new MANTA MTL also uses an expansion chamber accessory. MANTA MTL's side direct air intake brings a very good atomization effect, but it feels a little empty when the air intake is used in the mouth suction. In addition to the post structure suitable for fixing the fancy coil, MANTA MTL will be more suitable for users who prefer mild lung suction. buy Advken MANTA MTL RTA

3. ASVAPE ZETA atomizer

Features: retro shape design, ceramic deck, postless structure. The 22mm diameter ZETA atomizer looks retro in appearance and still has a trend of the ASVAPE brand. The ZETA with ceramic deck makes it easy to think of the classic rose V2S. The ZETA atomizer tastes very good with the texture of the ceramic deck. The visible part of the PEI at the bottom allows the user to clearly observe the amount of e-juice. buy Asvape Zeta RTA

4. VANDYVAPE Berserker Mini MTL RTA

Since its launch, the Berserker Atomizer has won the praise of the mouth-sucking atomizer enthusiasts. The key point is that its inspiratory resistance is very tight, which can remind many old players of the feeling of the KF atomizer. The MINI version of the Berserker not only shortened the size of the 22mm but also carried out a series of improvements in the position of the apron, which largely solved the problem that the amount of cotton in the Berserker was not easy to control. buy Vandy Vape Berserker Mini MTL RTA

5. GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA

The spark of three-dimensional air intake and high suction resistance mouth-watering style is very charming. Lateral and bottom-up airflows bring a more uniform, softer mist, while also slowing down the overheating problem from the top cap. What is more special is that it introduces GeekVape's other popular series, Zeus's leak-proof structure. The airflow entering through the upper intake hole will pass through the middle channel between the top cap and the deck, and then it will be pulled out of the three holes on the deck. Under the passage, there is a vast space for e-juice storage. This makes it extremely stable in use. Unless you are struggling to squeeze out the e-juice, the e-juice will be stored in the spacious space at the bottom of the deck as long as it is in the upright position. This reminds me of the best atomizer in the same brand -Medusa, yes, different from regular RDA, Ammit RDA is a bit like RDTA. buy Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA Compared with the previous KF atomizers, the above five MTL atomizers make the coils easier to manufacture and the refilling operation is also very convenient. The new structure brings more ways to play, and it is easy to avoid e-juice leakage and is very easy to use. For users who like mouth sucking and mild lung suction, the new MTL atomizers are worthy of paying attention.

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