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How to do the Atomizers' Daily Maintenance
While enjoying the e-cigarette, do you think that the atomizer needs maintenance? The answer is yes. The atomizer needs to be “maintained” during daily use. For example, how to remove the smell of e-juice in the atomizer? How to clean the atomizer? What issues need attention?

1. How to clean the atomizer?

Disassemble atomizer A. Disassemble the atomizer, the atomizer can be divided into three parts: top cap, tank, and deck. After disassembling the atomizer, all the aprons are removed. If you are afraid of remembering the position of the apron, please set the position of the apron according to the disassembly sequence, but be careful not to remove the small parts, the loss of small parts during cleaning has occurred. B. Stir well with 1:20 baking soda and cold (warm) water. The atomizer that disassembled the apron was soaked in water and the water turned yellowish after 10 minutes. At this point, a little agitation can be done to remove impurities from the atomizer. Use a pair of tweezers to remove it into another cup. C. Rinse off with clean water, dry the water on the atomizer with a dry rag or paper towel.

2. How to store the atomizer when it is not used?

material atomizer Most of the atomizers' material is now 304, 316 stainless steel, so how do we store them after use? First, clean the atomizer. After cleaning, ensure that the atomizer is dry, the rubber ring is dry and there are no extra water drops to avoid rust. While assembling the atomizer, a little pure VG can be applied to the apron and thread to prevent the atomizer thread from rusting, locking, and apron drying. The use of pure VG will not cause the atomizer to produce odor.

3. How to lengthen the atomizers' life?

lengthen atomizer life The atomizer is a metal component. If it is used in a bad way for a long time and does not pay attention to the details, it will cause the screw to be scrapped, the thread to be threaded, the oil leakage to be scrapped, and the insulation pad to be deformed. So how can we lengthen its life? A. We should pay attention to make the coil, the lock wire can be in place, remember not to screw it. B. The threading of the atomizer interface thread often occurs during the installation process. Therefore, we must pay attention to the installation of the thread cannot be used brute force installation, to retreat a half turn, let the thread butt and then screw in. C. The atomizer leakage is the main reason for us to abandon the atomizer. Before confirming the atomizer, please make the coil again to confirm whether it is a problem of the structure of the atomizer, after that, focus on the inspection of the seal of the rubber ring. D. In violation of the rules during the burning process, the overheating of the temperature will cause the insulation mat to be deformed and scrapped. At this time, we can shorten the burning time, or heat the intermittent to let the atomizer cool to ensure the integrity of the insulating mat. In general, the atomizer is a mechanical metal product. As long as we learn to maintain it, you will find that the atomizer is "plugged" by you. So as time goes on, there will be "marks" of the years on the atomizer, which is very interesting. Here I recommend some good atomizers for you: freemax mesh pro tank vapesourcing vandy vape capstone rda vapesourcing You may also interested in Five Easy Ways to Clean Your Atomizers Effectively

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