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Something About Mechanical Mod
The Mechanical Mod, In general, it is a wire with an atomizer interface, a battery compartment, and a mechanical switch. The overall power supply capability is based on the current voltage output of the battery. Initially, the body material is usually red copper or brass, but in the past two years, much other material has been used, such as space aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, silver, etc. The difference in the material is also directly related to the use of the mechanical mod because the electrical properties of various metal materials are different (ie, the resistance is different), and the higher resistance will cause a loss when the current passes. Mechanical Mod info So I am here to sort the conductivity of the metal for your reference: 1. Silver, 2. Red copper, 3. Brass, 4. Aluminum, 5. Stainless steel, 6. Titanium alloy. The shape of the mechanical mod is variable, and the diameter can be roughly divided into 22mm, 24mm, 29mm, 32mm, and the most common is 22mm diameter and 24mm diameter. Vapers should choose the diameter that matches the atomizer when purchasing the mechanical rod, otherwise, it may happen in this way (hey, you see, that person took a microphone!). The structure of the mechanical mod can be said to be very simple, but one of the most tested manufacturing processes is the switch button of this mechanical mod. The bottom button manufacturing process of a mechanical mod is also one of the keys to measuring the quality of this mechanical mod. It's structural design and manufacturing process are related to the safety and comfort of this mechanical mod. Mechanical kit review I think that having these features can be considered a good switch design, with a self-locking mechanism (or recessed design), flexible and comfortable, with a battery adaptive spring (so that the battery will not shake in the battery compartment, and has the insulation function in some extent), the negative contact of the battery is wide and flat and the periphery is rounded (to prevent arc breakdown), and it is easy to disassemble. In addition, the internal insulation design of the battery compartment of the mechanical mod and the design of the pressure relief hole (which requires a sufficient amount of airflow passage) also determine whether a mechanical mod is good or bad. According to the personal experience, the degree of violence of the mechanical mod is far from the output of the current squonk box mod, but its output stability is completely certain, except for the continuous drop of voltage, the overall output does not fluctuate. In terms of taste, it is smooth, soft, and rarely discomfort. If it brings discomfort, it is because there is no use of appropriate data. Here I recommend good-performance Mechanical Mods, hope you will enjoy: VGOD Pro Mech 2 mod Kit USA Lost Vape Furyan Mechanical Squonker Mod USA Other post about mech kit: Wismec RX Machina Mech Kit review | Why I prefer mech?

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