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The Truth About Vaping


Many people are still confused as to how e-cigarettes, or commonly known as "vape", are different from real cigarettes that use tobacco. In this article, we debunk some of the most common myths that people get wrong with vaping:

Myth: Vape juice is just water.

Fact: Vape is part aerosol and water.

Vape is more than just water on its vape juice – it is actually propylene glycol, a kind of aerosol that's used in making the vape juice. You, of course, won't see advertisements like that, as they will always tell you that vape is just "water", but actually, there is less amount of water involved than you think.

Myth: Vapes can lead to popcorn lungs.

Fact: The chemical that leads to popcorn lungs is not in vape juice.

Diacetyl, a chemical that is known to cause popcorn lungs or bronchiolitis obliterans, is not present in vape juice and is actually banned in the UK and in most countries. There are, however, some vape juices that did contain diacetyl, but only in very small amounts. Many of the newer vape juices you will encounter nowadays won't have it.

Myth: Vaping is safe while tobacco is not.

Fact: Vaping is only LESS harmful than tobacco.

Time and time again, many people seem to get this wrong. Tobacco is full of nicotine and other harmful stuff for sure, but e-cigarette juice also has a couple of small little chemicals that, when inhaled too much, can still be harmful. However, the concentrations of these chemicals are so low that many people believe that vaping is completely safe – but only when inhaled moderately and responsibly!

Myth: Vape juice contains formaldehyde.

Fact: This claim was debunked and nullified by a study.

There was a study that debunked and nullified the claim of the New England Journal of Medicine in 2015, claiming that there's formaldehyde (same stuff used to preserve dead bodies) in vape juice. According to the study that debunked the former, NEJM used excessively high temperatures (800 degrees to be exact), which can naturally produce formaldehyde, and was likely a form of sabotage to get such results.

Myth: Vaping is the best way to quit smoking.

Fact: It depends on the person.

It's "different strokes for different folks", as an old saying goes. This technically means that different people may have their own best ways of quitting. While it can help you to transition away from tobacco, some are still addicted to tobacco from time to time and don't deliberately quit, so it's not always the best option. Always talk to your doctor to see more options for quitting smoking, although that doesn't mean e-cigarettes can't help you, either!

Myth: Vape has no nicotine.

Fact: Vape has some amount of nicotine, but not all of them.

Generally speaking, most vape products have nicotine, basically, just like with tobacco products. However, depending on the vape juice that you use, some actually have less nicotine than others, which can be your safer option. But it's basically wrong to assume that all e-cigarettes have no nicotine.

Myth: Vape can be a harmful secondhand smoke source.

Fact: There is no vapor that causes harmful secondhand smoke in vape juice.

The aerosol mechanism used by vape and vape juice does not cause the same secondhand smoke effect that tobacco users give to bystanders. This is why many public places allow the use of vape but don't allow the use of tobacco. The only thing you'll need to worry about would be people with asthma, who could potentially be allergic to vapor from the vape.


Many of these myths were positive while some are negative. What matters is that you get informed. There are many pros and cons about vaping, but it still depends upon the user, the type of vape juice and vape mod they use. Let's spread these truths about vaping to everyone – especially to those who don't know much about e-cigarettes or the best vape mod! For more information on the best vape mod and best sub ohm tank available on the market, check TheVapeSnob.com as well as VapeSourcing.com.

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