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2018 Best Hot Sale RDA Recommendation
RDA is a key component of e-cigarettes. It is not an exaggeration to describe that RDA has the best vape experience. Whether you are looking for quality RDAs suitable for novices, for flavor, or for clouds, our following recommendation is to help you navigate that terrain with products that run the gamut in functions, building options and user-friendliness. And of course, we will have our choice for best cheap RDA. The first one is Vandy Vape Phobia V2 RDA. It is a 24mm diameter RDA with angled downward airflow holes, which is concentrated to the coil build to produce a denser taste through 3 adjustable intake holes. With big built posts has wide space, the Phobia V2 RDA is easy to build single coils or dual coils, and 8.8mm deep e-juice well can prevent leaking with a 1ml capacity. Three types of drip tip including 810 drip tip, PEI drip tip, and 510 adapters are compatible with the Phobia V2 RDA for your option. Vandy Vape Phobia V2 BF RDA 24mm The second one is Geek Vape Loop V1.5 BF RDA. It is an updated version of the Loop RDA, and many will be interested if it's been improved and if so in what way. Firstly let’s see its appearance, the sleeve has some really well machined fine engraving on the top and bottom thirds, the centre third is a smooth move-able band which has "LOOP" engraved on the front and the other 3 sides have sets of 7 vertical airflow slits that are small towards the outsides of the 7's then increase in size towards the centers. The deck has a protruding Gold plated 510 pins fitted ( a BF pin is also included), also on the base we have branding and safety stamps. The design of the airflow does mean with a reasonable amount of care leaking while squonking isn't an issue. Geek Vape Loop V1.5 BF RDA 24MM The third one is Hellvape Drop Dead RDA. In order to keep the chamber intact, the locking grooves are actually designed inside, and the locking parts are not visible at all. I think they should be inherited from the Drop elements. The tip drip of the atomizer has a stainless steel decorative base, the color is matched with the atomizer, which makes the tip drip look thinner, and there is a circle of printed "Hellvape" text, which is more beautiful. The deck is basically the same as the deck of the Drop RDA. This means that you can easily install the coils, and subtracting the extra strands is not a laborious task. Essentially, it atomizes like a Dead Rabbit, but thanks to the cellular air intake, its air intake is smoother than the Dead Rabbit. Hellvape Drop Dead RDA Vape Tank The fourth one is Vandy Vape Pulse X BF RDA. This RDA is like the Vandy Vape Capstone, in the fact that the liquid comes up the center post when squonked and flows right over the coils. This is a huge improvement over that RDA because the post doesn’t take up a ton of space and uses more traditional screws for coil installation. It has adequate space for fused Clapton, or other large coils with ease. Moreover, it also adopts top squonk feed and bottom e-juice return, which means, there is an e-juice tube in the middle, the e-juice from the bottom can flow up and drop down sufficiently saturating cotton. With its 2ml well and six adjustable airflow holes in two side rows, it will bring you large, dense and tasty clouds. Vandy Vape Pulse X BF RDA 24mm You would like the article about: 2018 Best Hot Sale RTA Recommendation

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