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Pod Vapes Recommend: Lost Vape Lyra And SnowWolf WOCKET
Do you need to know everything about the pod vape kit? Well, make sure you check our post first before purchasing what you want!

1. Take Up Less Space In Your Pocket

Vape mods are great for precision and power. They can run anything from RDA to MTL to rebuild tanks. But they are big, and they take up a lot of space in your pocket. This is one of the main reasons why you choose pod vapes when you are out or traveling. There is no need to worry about coils, wicks or coil building tools. But your 18650s doesn't require a battery charger. Although pod vape doesn't take up any space in your pocket or bag, all you need is a micro USB charger, some spare pods that you can use for a few days or weeks at a time. Recommend a new vape pod: The Lost Vape Lyra kit is a compact pod system kit and with a capacity of 2ml. The dimensions are only: 96.3mm*30.8mm*15.8mm. Comes from the Lost Vape, we know that the Orion series of lost vape is very popular, and think their Lyra also has this feature.
Lost Vape Lyra kit review

2. Battery Life Is Very Important:

Due to their small size, many pod systems are equipped with very small batteries, such as some pods with a capacity of only 250-300mAh. If you are a heavy-duty car, you will need a larger battery with a built-in battery. The SnowWolf WOCKET from Snowwolf offers incredible performance metrics, first of all, the integrated 1150 mAh battery. On average, this capacity is about twice that of a normal pod system. This provides an incredible advantage for those who buy Wocket because they can spend hours without having to look for a USB portal.
SnowWolf WOCKET review
You can also choose the Lost Vape Lyra, with a compact body but has a built-in 1000mah battery and a maximum output of 20W.

3. Adjustable Voltage And Other Settings:

In the past a few months, pod vapes have achieved leapfrog development. For example, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and many new products now come with a chipset for advanced control of high-temperature control, variable power/voltage, and the ability to identify different coil types. Adding a chipset means you can do more with a vape. You can customize how it supplies power, which affects how the device behaves. The Snowwolf Wocket uses a proprietary chipset. This gives the device incredible performance elements, including fast ignition rates. In addition, the Wocket also has three preset ignition levels: high, medium, and low. This provides a wider experimental canvas for vape enthusiasts, something you usually can't find in an evaporator of this size.

4. Removable Coil Design:

The replacement coils design means you can buy a pack of MTL coil heads and a pack of DTL, sub-ohm coil heads and switch your vaping within a week. SnowWolf WOCKET definitely has an impressive atomizer coil. The well-known X-Grid coil runs a 0.7-ohm resistor rating, making the Snowwolf Wocket an incredibly attractive opportunity, especially for busy mobile enthusiasts. And the Lost Vape Lyra also uses intelligent improvements to install or remove the pod, which is easy to refill. It is equipped with two Lyra mesh coils for nicotine salts and common e-juices.

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