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How Long Do The Vladdin RE Last?
Do you already have the Vladdin RE? If you already have it, you will be confused how long it can last, so let's discuss it today!

First, let's take a brief introduction about the quality and appearance of Vladdin RE.

Many people say that Vladdin RE is very similar to JUUL. In fact, that is! Vladdin has a very stylish design and a slim figure. This best pod vape is comfortably held in the hand and feels very comfortable. It is very lightweight. It may even remind you of a normal cigarette, which is good news for smokers who want to make the transition to smoking. Because it only has 20 grams, you can hardly feel nothing when you hold it. So that's no problem when carrying it. Just put it in your pocket, that's very easy! There are five color choices for it. Vladdin RE has a curved design and defined edges, which makes it look interesting and even a bit futuristic.
Vladdin RE review
Vladdin can be a good JUUL alternative. It is suitable for refillable pods. This means you are free to try whatever taste you want. This is also good news for those who occasionally have vaper tongues. By simply switching between different flavors, you can easily protect yourself from this unpleasant situation. The capacity of the Vladdin pod is 1.5 ml. The refillable top has a detachable top that allows you to drop the e-juice.

Long Battery Life:

Vladdin RE has a battery capacity of 350mAh, so depending on how many vapes you have, each Vladdin may last a day or two. No matter how quickly you can use the whole charge of this device, you will be happy to know that the battery takes around only 30 minutes to charge. This means you can start vaping again in almost no time. For smokers who want to try healthier, safer and cheaper smoking methods, this Vladdin RE is a good choice. This pod system is stylish and easy to use. In addition, it provides a good flavor quality. You can insist on charging 300 times, so if you charge a single charge a day, you can probably use less than a year, which is very good compared to his price!

Other best pod vape?

SMOK NOVO Vape is the king of pod vape, that's unarguable! And it is one of the very affordable pod vapes currently available. While slightly heavier than Vladdin RE, the SMOK NOVO kit includes two refillable pods. They have a capacity of 2.0ml and a resistance of about 1.2 ohms. The battery capacity is 450mAh, the battery life is more than good. There is no fire button, so it automatically activates each time you inhale.
Vladdin RE and SMOK NOVO are both great pods, what do you think? And they are all worth buying. So take them home now!

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