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Best SMOK Replacement Coils You May Interest!

Vape replacement coils are used to heat vape juice and produce steam. When the device is activated for use, the vape coil draws power from the battery to generate heat and evaporate the electronic liquid or nicotine salt. Vape coils are measured in ohms. Most individual vape brands have their own choice of atomizing coils with different resistance level options. You can further customize your vaping experience by selecting different vape coils with specific resistance levels.An atomizer coil with a lower resistance will generate more steam when the device is started, while a vape coil with higher resistance will produce a colder vape.

Today, let's introduce some of the best-selling coils in SMOK:

>>SMOK RPM Replacement Coil (5pcs/pack)These new SMOK RPM Replacement Coil are currently only available for the Smok RPM40 Pod Mod Kit. There are currently four different RPM coils to choose from, each designed to provide a unique vape experience for mouth-to-lung and direct lung nebulization. 5 pieces per pack, available in 5 different colors.
Best SMOK RPM Replacement Coil
The first coil option is the RPM SC 1.0 ohm coil for MTL vaping, only for standard pods. There is another variant for MTL vaping, the RPM Quartz 1.2 ohm coil. Now, there are two other Smok RPM replacement coils that are better suited for direct lung vape. The newly designed RPM network 0.4-ohm coil is designed for optimum flavor and excellent steam production. If you want to try a DIY coil on the RPM 40 Pod Kits, you can try SMOK RPM RBA Replacement Coil.
Best SMOK RPM RBA Replacement Coil
The RPM coil has a range of resistance, heating elements that are compatible with nic salt or vape juice. So what kind of vape style you like, you can meet your needs!SMOK RPM40 Replacement Coils Series:
  • 0.4ohm RPM Mesh Coil - rated at 25W
  • 0.6ohm RPM Triple Coil - rated at 25W
  • 1.0ohm RPM SC Coil - rated at 14W
  • 1.2ohm RPM Quartz Coil - rated at 12W
  • 0.6ohm RPM RBA
>>Smok Nord Replacement Coils (5pcs/pack)High-performance Smok Nord Replacement Coils bring versatility to pod-based devices. These coils produce an amazingly large number of steam clouds while extracting the best taste from your favorite electronic juice.
Smok Nord Mesh Coils
The Smok Nord mesh coil is used with the sub-ohm e-juice to provide a more traditional mouth-to-lung experience, similar to the box mod. If you don't get enough flavor or yield from a higher ohmic Nord coil, a 0.6-ohm mesh Nord coil might be a better choice. Mesh vape coils provide a larger surface area for heated cotton, providing an incredibly smooth and satisfying vape every time you hit your Nord device.
Best Smok Nord Replacement Coils
Traditional Nord coil
The mouth-to-lung Nord replacement coil has a resistance of 1.4 ohms and 0.8 ohms and is used with nicotine salt to achieve a more concentrated and satisfactory nicotine experience.

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