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How Long Do The Vape Coils Last?

As you may already know, vaping is cheaper than traditional smoking. But what if you could make it even cheaper and enjoy an even fresher e-cig experience? There are two recurring costs that come with vaping: the vape juice and the vape coil. The former depending upon how much you vape and the latter depending upon how well you vape.

For Example:
The Lost Vape Lyra replacement coil made by Lost Vape is designed for the Lost Vape Lyra kit. There are two coils to choose from: the Lost Vape Lyra 0.6Ω mesh replacement coil and the Lost Vape Lyra 1.2Ω MTL replacement coil. They all provide excellent heating properties, resulting in dense and delicious clouds. So you may be wondering how long your Lost Vape Lyra Replacement Coil lasts?

Lyra replacement coil

How you use e-cigarettes and how to treat coils well can greatly extend their useful life. Generally, new coils are used for one to two weeks, but you can extend the lifespan if you properly disassemble the new coil and perform good maintenance and maintenance procedures during use and use.

How do you make the Lost Vape Orion Plus Replacement Coils longer? Please follow the suggested tips and recommendations listed below:

1. Avoid over-pressing the firing button. If your vape kit has advanced progressive and progressive features, use these features to shrink the vape window. This will prevent you from accidentally causing dryness after smoking.
2. Wait three to five seconds between hits. Your coil needs to cool and absorb more electronic liquid before it can produce more steam. If the firing speed is too fast, the coil may be dry or even unrecognizable between hits.
3. Keep the power as low as possible. Unless you are actively engaged in skills or competitions, there is not much reason to use power above 200W normally.
4. Regularly clean the vape coil. Once installed it should not mean being ignored forever. After a few days, depending on your vape frequency, your vape coils will usually pile up in groups (much like a filter). Constant atomization without clearing this cruel taste will have a negative impact on taste and flavor.

orion plus coil

You may also be interested in our new Smoant Battlestar Baby Replacement Coil, designed specifically for the Smoant Battlestar Baby Pod Kit. It comes in two types: mesh coil 0.6 ohm (pre-installed) and nickel 80 coil 1.2 ohms. The coil uses organic cotton to retain the original taste of the liquid.

Also, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality vape coils from brands like SMOK, Joyetech, and Eleaf.

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