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Why are Disposable Vapes Taking Over the Market?

There have been many trends and fads in the vaping industry. However, none have been more explosive and domineering as the recent growth of disposable vapes.

Almost every major manufacturer has released its own range of disposables. Some like VOOPOO now even have a subsidiary company (ZOVOO) focusing solely on disposables.

So why the sudden transition? And is it good for the industry?

We cover everything in-depth about the benefits and negatives of disposable vapes in our Vaping Vibe article here.

However, let's give you a quick oversight on why disposables are so popular:

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Ease of Use

Disposable vape pens are by far the easiest vape products to use. They are as simple as taking them out of the packaging, inhaling, and you are vaping.

Great for Beginners

This ease of use makes them ideal for beginner vapers. They don't need to worry about battery safety or understand coil resistances, and there are no buttons or settings to confuse them. Disposables are the closest vape product to a traditional cigarette in terms of how to use them.

Low entry price

Although we are seeing some manufacturers release pod systems like the Uwell Popreel or the Geekvape Wenax range, which are incredibly affordable. Disposables are still the most affordable entry into vaping. If someone is curious about vaping or transitioning from smoking, it's not much of an outlay to give it a go.


Following on from them being affordable, there are also easy to obtain. This is especially true in countries like the UK, where you will find them in most convenience stores or gas stations (you don't even need to go to a designated vape store). You can also buy in bulk online and get them delivered to your door for less, like from Vapesourcing.

No Mess

Another major advantage of disposable vapes is that there is practically no mess. You are not having to refill the device or deal with switching out replaceable coils. This makes them far more appealing to use for some vapers.

Pocket-friendly and discreet

I know the same can be said for most pod vapes on the market, but it's still a significant benefit of disposables. They are easy to conceal while vaping and are incredibly pocket friendly. For this reason alone, I see many experienced vapers turn to use disposables when they are out and about. It also prevents them from losing or damaging their more expensive mods.

Flavor Variety

Most disposables come in an array of flavor options, so it's pretty easy to find a flavor you like. Some even come in more exotic flavors you might not have wanted to try before by buying a whole bottle of e-liquid. However, now you can easily try with a disposable.

Pre-filled Tailored Flavors

One of the most significant reasons disposable vapes deliver such a good experience is that they are contained devices. That means the manufacturer has full control over the pre-filled vape juice for the coil and device. It also means they tend to add extra sweeteners and sometimes cooling agents to really make the flavor pop. Sweeteners are notorious for being coil killers, but it doesn't matter in a disposable vape as long as it lasts while using it.

Mesh Coils

The advances in mesh coil have also played a significant part in the improved performance of disposables. Mesh coils tend to deliver more flavor as they heat up faster. Now, most brands are using mesh coils in their disposables. This wouldn't have been possible a few years ago.

Longevity & High Puff Counts

Combined with mesh coils, it also seems manufacturers have found a good balance on battery life, coil resistance, and juice capacity. We are seeing more and more compact disposables that can deliver thousands of puffs per pen. Again, I doubt this is something we would've seen a few years ago and is another major appeal to disposables.

Wrapping Up

Disposable vapes look like they are here to stay. They are a great entry into vaping, delivering improved performance and many options for vapers. Take a look at what we consider to be the best disposable vapes currently on the market.

Of course, there are still some negatives to disposables vape pens. Like no adjustable airflow, no adjustable power, and more importantly detriment to the environment - but it seems some brands are taking note and addressing these concerns. Let's see where the future of disposables takes us.


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