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5 Statement About Bottom-Feeding RDA

Since the rise of the bottom-feeding, a variety of bottom-oil-filling mods have appeared in the market. Many RDA have also begun to donate a bottom-filing screw in the original equipment, making the top-filing RDA products compatible with the bottom-feeding. What we are sharing with you today is something about the bottom-feeding RDA. 1. The so-called "oil road" length The length of this oil route depends on the length of the cotton leg caused by the reasonable height of the RDA coil. The length of the cotton leg is also due to the original structural design of the RDA. This is a constraint on each other. For example, CoilART DPRO RDA, which has a short oil route at the bottom, requires attention not to overfill, because its bottom platform also becomes shallow due to its structure. Bottom-Feeding RDA 2. Should the cotton foot cover the bottom platform? This problem is similar to the traditional top-loading nozzle drip method. Although the bottom is covered with cotton, it can store more smoke oil in a single time to reduce the number of oil injections, but when the bottom is covered with cotton, if the cotton is not loose. Instead, it may cause the smoke oil to reflux at the bottom. In the general use of the bottom-feeding, as long as the cotton has a suitable length, non-smooth contact with the smoke from the bottom platform can be successfully guided to the vicinity of the coil. 3. Can an ordinary RDA be changed to bottom-feeding? In fact, many RDA products will be provided with the bottom-feeding screw for users to modify their own, in fact, even if there is no original bottom screw, can also be purchased from the accessories shop to achieve DIY. The most common type of modification is the double-column iso-side inlet RDA. This type of structure has been chosen by many primary bottom-feeding RDA. pulse bf 80w 4. What are the differences in taste between bottom-feeding RDA and RTA? We often say that the RTA is mostly a sealed atomizer, and the smoke oil is stored outside the atomizer and clings to it. In use, it will inevitably be affected by the heat of the tank, which will lead to bad experience of the smoke oil. That is, it is often said why the smoke tastes lighter after one half of the smoke oil has been consumed. The bottom-feeding RDA is a single extrusion. The smoke oil is stored in a separate oil bottle from the atomizer. It has less impact on the smoke oil. 5. What is the difference between bottom-feeding RDA and top filling RDA? In terms of non-rigidity, the effect between the two is the same. However, the speed of directly infusing the oil into cotton is bound to be faster than the absorption process from the bottom of the cotton. The traditional RDA will be simpler and cruder. The advantage of bottom-feeding is that it integrates smoke oil bottles and equipment, and the portable carrying style is the highlight of this toy. If a user can only love the full taste of RDA, the bottom-feeding RDA device must be the first choice.

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