7 Best Lower Nicotine Disposable Vapes

Vaping is quickly growing its user base with a ton of innovation happening at a rapid speed. Better battery capabilities, premium quality, and wide flavoring options of e-liquids, and of course, the elimination of freebase nicotine liquids, that caused harshness in the throat, rendered vaping as an affordable and efficient alternative to smoking.

The introduction of nicotine salts that quickly get into the bloodstream not only provides a smoother hit with less e-liquid but is also an inexpensive option.

Today there is an increased demand for lower nicotine disposable vape kits in the industry, especially for novice users. Here is a list we have curated for the best vaporizers from Vaporizerchief which meet the above criteria.

1. SVL BX12000

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SVL BX12000 Disposable Kit is a powerful and tasty disposable vape with 18ml pre-filled vape juice, a trustworthy 750mAh battery and dual mesh coils for the boost mode. SVL BX12000 is powered by a 750mAh rechargeable battery and rechargeable via a Type-C port (cable not included). As to the e-juice, SVL BX12000 contains 18ml in total and can satisfy up to 12000 puffs in the regular mode. If you are looking for stronger flavors and smoother nicotine hits, Press the button. And you can unlock the Boost Mode and double the flavor and output power.

2.Lost Mary MO5000 Frozen Edition

MO5000 Frozen Edition makes you indulge in the icy cold vapor with fresh fruit flavors! It is pre-loaded with 13.5ml delicious vape juice with only 4% (40mg) nicotine salt. With a 1.1ohm mesh coil, Lost Mary MO5000 Frozen delivers smoother hits and richer flavors at the same time. The vapor production is also enhanced and you can make big old clouds with ease. All the flavors available have a profile of fruits and icy menthol. No matter you are a big fan of fruits or menthol, you can enjoy yourself with MO5000 Frozen!

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3. Again U-Bar 7000

Again U-Bar 7000 hot sale

Again U-Bar contains 14ml pre-filled vape juice and can satisfy up to 7000 puffs with a 580mAh rechargeable battery. Again U-Bar utilizes high-quality nicotine salt instead of freebase nicotine as the former is easier to absorb and more efficient. Moreover, nic salt preserves the original flavors of the vape juice for more authentic flavors. U-Bar is also upgraded with a 1.2ohm dual mesh coil to deliver optimal flavor and promote vapor production.

4. Snowplus Go 10000 Puffs

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Snowplus Go 10000 Disposable Vape features pre-filled 20ml vape juice with 3% (30mg) nic salt, offering approximately 10000 puffs for long-lasting satisfaction. Equipped with a rechargeable 650mAh battery and Type-C cable, Its draw-activated feature and adjustable airflows offer a customizable vaping experience to suit your preferences. Additionally, It has a sleek vertical stripe appearance and a powerful mesh coil for optimal flavor and vapor production.

5. Lava Big Boy Disposable

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Lava Big Boy Disposable also features a long-lasting 600mAh battery, ensuring that you can enjoy your vaping experience for a long time before needing a recharge. 

This disposable vape comes pre-filled with 12ml of vape juice that delivers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. The vape juice is infused with 5% (50mg) nic salt, providing a potent nicotine hit that is sure to satisfy even the most hardcore vapers.

6. Tyson 2.0 Iron Mike 15K

cheap Tyson 2.0 Iron Mike

Tyson 2.0 Iron Mike Disposable Kit comes with 14ml pre-filled e-juice, a rechargeable 600mAh battery, and delivers about 15000 puffs in total with 5% nicotine salt. As the new line of Tyson 2.0 Disposable Vape, Iron Mike has a higher puff count and more user-friendly features. For instance, you can check the battery life as well as e-juice easily via the LED indicator screen. The secret that makes Tyson 2.0 Iron Mike delicious and long-lasting is the Fyre Mesh Coil. It not only prevents burnt tastes but also unlocks the natural flavors of the vape juice. Try Tyson Iron Mike and you will not regret it.


E-cigarettes are alternatives to traditional cigarettes. And the ultimate goal of vaping is to quit smoking and reduce the intake of nicotine gradually. If you are interested in taking in less nicotine and enjoy vaping, give it a try and you can quit smoking with ease. Hope you can enjoy these disposable vapes with low nicotine levels.


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