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Best Vape Mods 2018

Box mods are designed to offer the ultimate vaping experience. Box mods can store and deliver much more power than their smaller e-cig counterparts. The "box" shape contains the battery, 510 connection, and firmware to control how it operates. The best box mods and vape mods contain advanced chipsets that can precisely read and monitor the atomizer resistance as well as control power or temperature. Vape mods are larger than vape pens as well as most tube mods. They have an array of additional features: variable voltage, wattage, and temperature setting. Vapers who start with e-cigs and vape pens eventually look for something more powerful and customizable. While some vape pens offer a degree of customization, none can produce much power. This leaves vapers a bit starved for something more. For the ultimate power, customization, and vapor production, vape mods are the way to go. With following words, we are reviewing the best available vape mods. First one is GeekVape Aegis Legend TC Box MOD 200W, which has exceeded most of the boxes on the market in terms of workmanship, materials, molds, and functions. The size is moderate, and the material is the combination of zinc alloy, leather, and silicone, so the grip feeling is comfortable. Pressing feel is clear, but the key damping effect is general, especially the pressure adjustment of two small buttons, the overall hand feeling is not good. The screen is OLED display, looks more comfortable, brightness adjustable, this design is more humane. About its performance, I think the custom power curve mode is the most surprising feature. It is simple and convenient for users to experience a variety of taste changes. This function has 5 custom setting bits, which can be used to set different power in different stages of ignition to achieve the purpose of changing the taste curve. And the custom setting is very simple and can be operated directly on the box, which is much more convenient than the DNA chip. geekvape aegis legend 200w mod The second one is VOOPOO DRAG 157W BOX MOD RESIN VERSION, which has a robust body coated in a stunning resin finish, which looks very eye-catching for young people. The device is a little smaller than a cassette tape, twice the thickness with the same proportions. It’s sharp-edged, zinc alloy body is heavy enough to break your foot with batteries in (310g). The 24 ml top base features a nice, firm, spring loaded, gold-plated brass 510 connection with a slanted thumb perch on the opposite side. The fire and control buttons are nice and clicky, with no rattle. About the performance. It’s considerably faster, more accurate, everything happens instantaneously, regulation is outstanding and the curve functions and adjustment options all work like a charm. It fires better, with a faster ramp time and feels like it has just a little more kick and better regulation than most of the vape mods I currently have. The Gene. Fun chip did a great job of monitoring the temp of the coil and never allowed the coil to reach overtime. I watched as the current to the coil fluctuated between 12-16A with a well-saturated wick. As the wick dries out, the current dropped steadily, with a concurrent drop in vapor production. The Drag mod performed perfectly, and I never experienced a single dry hit. voopoo drag mod resin edition The third one is Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W Squonk Box Mod. It adopts many of the same great features found in the original version, such as the food-grade 7ML squonk bottle, the capability of housing a single 18650 battery, and the same compact design that many vapers have come to enjoy. However, this new Pulse BF 80W Mod now boasts a high-performance chipset capable of delivering heavy hitting power consistently, and different color options for the front and back panels (three resin and one carbon fiber).  This regulated Pulse now delivers a whopping 80 watts that’s now controlled via a 3-button control face and an OLED display screen positioned on the side of the device. For power, this mod has the capability of housing a single 20700 battery or a single 18650 battery with the help of a 18650 battery adapter that comes included. vandy vape pulse bf 80w regulated squonk mod Hope this article will help you choose your right vape device.

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