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Don't Throw Away The Used Finished Replacement Coils! It Will Help You Save Money

Recently someone said that if clean the used finished replacement coils in a right way, it will recover to the 85%-90% of taste. Today we will find out whether it is truth or not. The main reason for discarding the finished coils is not the color change of cotton, but the uneven heating caused by carbon deposition, followed by the vicious cycle of burnt cotton, resulting in a paste smell, and the amount of smoke will also decrease. So I chose a finished coil with medium carbon deposition. The coil had been used about half a month before doing the test. The amount of smoke decreased, and the taste was accompanied by a slight smell. It has reached the level that needs to be replaced. TFV12 PRINCE Replacement Coil with best price I used an ordinary ethanol disinfectant, the concentration of 75%, the main ingredient is ethanol. First pour the appropriate amount of alcohol in the container, it is best not to submerge the atomization core (not too much), then place in an atomizing core, soak for several hours. Put the coil into alcohol, you can see the effect is "immediately visible", and some black carbon deposits have already appeared on the liquid surface. The next day about 15 hours later, the color of alcohol has become very deep, and the cotton in the coil guide hole becomes white. The finished coil was removed and the residue of the e-juice on the cotton had been completely dissolved in alcohol, becoming very white and the internal carbon deposition of the coil was also reduced. The oil-guiding cotton on the outside of the coil also restored its white color. Next, the coil is repeatedly washed under the faucet, rinsed with fresh water, and the coil is further cleaned, and then naturally air-dried or using a hair dryer to completely dry the coil. From the current results, alcohol can indeed clean the residual e-juice on the cotton and the carbon deposit on the coil, but the internal conditions are not easy to observe. cheap Joyetech BF SS316 coils After a few hours, check that the coil is completely dry and that there is no smell of alcohol or chlorine in tap water. Soaking the cotton of the coil with e-juice, energizing after mounting to the deck, working normally, and heating and atomizing. The effect of the first mouth is very good, it can reach 85-90% of the taste of the new coil!However, when I used it several times in a row, the amount of smoke decreased, and the taste was also worse, mixed with a bit of mushy odor. Most of today's finished coils are able to suck many times. It is a pity that the flavors are changed and thrown away. It is difficult to recover from dismantling and rebuilding. Even after reconstitution, it is difficult to ensure that the taste is consistent with the original core. So in a word, it is still worthy to buy new finished coil for the original taste, such as Uwell Nunchaku Replacement Coils, SMOK TFV12 PRINCE RBA Coil, SMOK TFV12 PRINCE Replacement Coil, Uwell Valyrian Coil Head for Uwell Valyrian Tank.  

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