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How to Clean the SMOK Infinix Replacement Pod Cartridge

It's almost a month since I wrote the review of smok infinix starter kit. In this month, I used this vape pod every day, it is totally awesome. And its pod cartridge begins to going weak, so I prepare to clean the cartridge, as we called "rebuild". Firstly, there are two buckles on each side of the cartridge. Since we want to clean the smok infinix cartridge, mainly to handle it on the deck. We use a flat screwdriver, and it's fine to tilt it up. It's too hard to smash. After you have finished this side, change another side. After both sides are tilted up, push it to open. The last two steps are a bit difficult, and you have to do it slowly. After opening the metal deck, you can use the flat screwdriver to lift the bottom out of the coil. This step is simple and easy. smok infinix pods for sale Take out the coil on the deck, you can see that the upper part is a silicone atomized warehouse cover, and the two sides are cotton. Take out the silicone atomized warehouse cover and you can see the heating wire and cotton inside! I have a layer of dirt on the heating wire here! ! Cotton is also black. Use a pair of tweezers to pull the cotton and pull it out! It should be light here, otherwise, it is easy to pull the heating wire out! After pulling it out, you can see that the heating wire is full of dirt. Here we have to remove the dirt on the heating wire. Through observation, I found that the heating wire can be removed and is directly struck by the bottom pin. Pushing the pin down from above, you should be able to take out the heating wire, but here, I did not try, just give a result of my observation. I use an external power supply to supply power to the pin with an alligator clip so that it heats up and cleans the dirt itself. smok infinix near me After burning a few times, you can see that the scale of the heating wire is much less, and there is a gap between the heating wires. After cleaning the heating wires, we can install the cotton! I use Geekvape Feather Organic Cotton. Pay special attention to the fact that the cotton can't be less. If it is less, it will leak e-juice and suck a bit of e-juice when sucking!! Pay special attention to this. After the replacement, the removed components are reinstalled, and the entire cleaning and replacement process is over.

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