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How to Experience TC Box Mod As A New E-cigarette Player?

Temperature control is a special kind of electronic cigarette output mode. In addition to the special name with a strong temptation, the vapers also have different opinions on temperature control. Some people think that temperature control is relatively "useless" and hardly used. Some people are very respected, like the taste of temperature control very much. For the newcomers, the new-purchased mod has a temperature control function, if you do not experience it, your heart will always feel itchy, as if buying a new mobile phone, if not fully used, the experience is not complete. Although there was a lot of scientific and technical content on temperature control before, many friends still asked me how to use temperature control every day. Today I will share to you how to experience the TC mod. To experience temperature control, you need to prepare a temperature-controlled atomizer and a box mod that supports temperature control. If you are using a finished atomizer with a temperature-controlled coil, then this is simple and you can skip this step. If you are using RBA, you also need to prepare the appropriate temperature control heating wire. Commonly there are three kinds of nickel 200, titanium, 316. box mods for sale Different materials, different wire's diameters, we can choose it according to the type of atomizer, if it is a single-coil big smoke atomizer, you can use 0.32-0.4 diameter; if it is a dual-coil RDA or RTA, it is recommended to use 0.2-0.25 diameter. The use of titanium and 316 materials, can be selected according to the daily adjustment of the heating wire diameter, such as the daily use of 0.4 Canter A1, then the temperature control can choose 0.4 titanium or 316 heating wire. Then we begin to set the mode on box mod. Connect the atomizer to the box mod and select the appropriate temperature control material mode based on the temperature control material you are using. This is easy to understand, if you are using nickel, then enter the mod, switch the output mode to temperature control "TC", then find "NI" in the material and set it as the current material. Similarly, titanium and 316 are also set to the corresponding "TI" and "316" (SS), respectively. Only the host's temperature control material corresponds to the material of the coil to obtain the correct temperature control experience. The next step is to set the output temperature. Commonly used temperatures are set between 200°C and 300°C. You can try this area and find the most comfortable temperature. The most common temperature I use is 220°C and 240°C. These two temperature values can be used for most temperature-controlled nebulizers. Sometimes some individual large-flue atomizers require 260 or 280°C. cheap tc box mod The third step is to set the output power. According to the use of the atomizer, if it is an MTL atomizer, then the power can be set lower; if it is a temperature-controlled RDA or a finished big smoke atomizer, we must increase the power to allow the coil to heat up quickly, prevent the coil from reaching the set temperature during smoking, and it affects the taste and the amount of smoke. There is also some temperature-controlled mods with a "dry heating protection" feature to avoid scorching the coils. If your mod prompts for dry heating, check that there is still e-juice in the chamber and the coils sufficiently moist, then consider reducing the output power in temperature control. The above is the operation and precautions when you experience the temperature control. The new players can experience the different output of the temperature control according to the operations step by step. At the end I will introduce you guys several mods I really recommend to you: GeekVape Aegis Legend TC Box MOD 200W, VOOPOO DRAG 157W TC BOX MOD RESIN VERSION, Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C TC Box Mod 200W. These three mods are great in TC mod.

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