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Resistance and Wattage

How much of the wattage should be used for the resistance in power mode. When we want to analyze something, we must understand the principle of why that happened. The basic principle of electronic cigarette is a simple circuit, the battery for the device to provide power supply current, the atomizer for the electrical equipment, atomizer within the heating coil (atomized core) for the resistance, electronic cigarette is the use of battery power and the resistance wire to produce thermal effects of heat, so that both sides of the E-juice on the evaporation of vape, resulting in the same effect as vape. Electronic cigarettes use the battery as a power supply voltage. In the industry, electronic cigarette battery standard voltage of 3.7V, and the case of full battery voltage will be about 4.2V, with the increase in daily use, the voltage will be consumed decreasing gradually. So we can withstand the voltage within the battery to find their own taste. So we have to understand some of the common electrical variables involved in electronic cigarettes: voltage (U), current (I), resistance (R), power (W). kanger battery This calculation method was born in the era of mechanical mod, the early mechanical bar does not have any parameter information and protection mechanism, so in order to be able to safely use the mechanical lever, it needs physical theoretical formula calculation, to calculate the power of mechanical mod Size and other parameters of the information. So when we know the resistance of the atomization core and the size of the voltage, you can also use the formula to calculate the current resistance of the power value: power = voltage square / resistance (W = U² / R). For example: 0.2Ω resistance how much tile push? 0.5Ω resistance how much should we set? 0.9Ω resistance how much should we set? Usually we use the battery voltage standard 3.7V-4.2V into the formula to calculate the applicable power value can be obtained: 0.2Ω resistance for the power value of about 68-88W; 0.5Ω resistor for the power value of about 27 -35W; 0.9Ω resistance for the power of about 15-19.6W. But the starters does not know how to set the power, they can not find their own taste. e cigarette for sale online Starters encounter this situation can refer to the above two ways to find the taste of wattage, but with the use of experience continues to increase, you will gradually form a suit for their own taste style, they can follow their own feelings immediately adjust to suit their own taste. Finally, an electronic cigarette is not complicated, not simple, but as long as the knowledge of E-cig, we can find many interesting things.

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