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Snowwolf XFENG 230 Mod, Better Than Before?

There's a new Snowwolf about to be released. The Xfeng 230W is the follow-up release to the Vfeng 230W. It is a replaceable dual-18650 mod that's supposed to reach 230 watts with a full TC suite and three power modes. Subjectively speaking, this Xfeng looks like a more cohesive design than the Vfeng. Then again, we're still only seeing the computer renderings, and those versus the actual mod are rarely 1:1 replications. But even if the mod looks exactly how it appears in the 3D renderings, will that be it? A cosmetic update? It seems like that's most of what we get these days. XFENG 230W mod Keeping with the centered 510, the Xfeng differs in that it has a side fire button. It's a departure from the centralized firing button of its predecessor. Also, this Wolf gets away from the hinged battery door in lieu of a battery panel branded with zodiac signs that appear to be held by beefy magnets. And this mod sports no flashing lights (is that already played out?). An unanswered question is: Has anything changed besides the body? The original TC suite was said to be inconsistent and faulty with no available updates to be (easily) found. For the Xfeng to not just look the part, it needs to be able to do what it says as well. Not just in watts, but all its advertised electronic features. Is that asking too much? If all you care about is watts, the Xfeng may be a something to consider buy Snowwolf XFENG 230 For those vapers out there that just use power mode, this would likely be a decent mod. The power mode of these mods is not really in question. Anthony was able to achieve 192 watts (tested) with the Vfeng. That's pretty good, though still shy of the mod's promise. He rated the Vfeng as a legitimate (close-enough) 200-watt mod, but referring to it only as a "good watts mod". If all you care about is watts, the Xfeng may be a something to consider since it likely uses the same chipset as the Vfeng.

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