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Sub-Ohm Vaping

What Is Sub-Ohm Vaping? The resistance of a heating coil - defined in ohms - expresses the amount of current that the coil restricts. If the voltage of the battery is the same, lowering the resistance of the coil increases the amount of wattage generated, making the coil hotter and allowing it to generate more vapor. For comparison's sake, we consider a coil with a resistance of about 2.5 ohms to be 'standard', while a coil with a resistance of 3.0 ohms and higher is 'high-resistance'. A coil of about 1.5 ohms is 'low-resistance', and anything under 1.0 ohms is 'sub-ohm'. sub Ohm vaping In simple terms, sub-ohm vaping allows an e-cigarette to generate a higher wattage without increasing the voltage of the battery. Using Ohm's Law as a guide, we find that pairing a 3.7 volt battery with a 2.5 ohm coil results in 5.48 watts of power. Lower the resistance to 1.5 ohms, and the power increases to 9.13 watts. The further you lower the resistance of the coil, though, the more dramatic things become. With a 0.5 ohm coil and a 3.7 volt battery, an e-cigarette generates 27.38 watts of power - roughly triple the vapor production. So, if you have ever wished that your e-cigarette could generate more vapor than it does, sub-ohm vaping is the fastest way to accomplish that. Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Dangerous? For an extremely detailed and informative overview on the safety of sub-ohm vaping, we recommend reading this post on the e-cigarette forum. The consensus among experts seems to be that sub-ohm vaping is not categorically dangerous, but it does pose certain risks that are less likely to be factors with standard e-cigarettes. sub Ohm vape fresh What Do I Need for Sub-Ohm Vaping? In vaping, the term "mod" refers to any e-cigarette that doesn't look like a real cigarette. In this article, we use the terms "mod" and "e-cigarette" interchangeably because no cigarette-shaped e-cigarette or "cigalike" will work for sub-ohm vaping. So, the first thing that you need for sub-ohm vaping is a mod that supports sub-ohm coils like smok tfv12 coils. At minimum, we suggest buying an e-cigarette that supports 0.5 ohm coils - although many mods can go well lower than that. The mod should also have a variable-wattage function that allows you to adjust the power the e-cigarette supplies to the atomizer coil. The attachment is the part of your e-cigarette that generates vapor. It might be a rebuildable atomizer or a tank system. We have some great stuff for you. SMOK TFV series are suit for no matter starters or old vapers, TFV8, TFV8 BIG BABY, TFV12 are very popular in Nowadays, IJOY Captain Sub ohm Tank is also in the newest products line. You won't be regret by use it. For more information check VapeSourcing.com.

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