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The Review Of Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo RDA

The Joyetech RFC Riftcore Duo is the latest atomizer hitting the market by Joyetech and when something claims to be coil-less and last millions of puffs, it creates quite a buzz in the vaping community! It features RFC heating elements, a sliding top for refills, 25mm diameter, roughly 4ml capacity, and semi-rebuildable design. Now we will talk about the detailed information about it. Firstly about the design. Joyetech Riftcore Duo has a nostalgic feel to it while being a new and innovative concept. The overall look isn't really complex or flashy, in fact the design on the metal is probably the loudest design aspect on the tank itself. Joyetech RFC The tank has 3 bottom airflow holes around the base of the tank, and they are much slimmer than the other Joyetech tanks that have been coming out. This makes the airflow somewhat more restrictive, and was meant to really put a heavy emphasis on the flavor that the RiftCore provides. The wicking holes form two rectangular holes when the tank is assembled, allowing the wicking to fully absorb e-liquid easily and quickly. The deck consists of two flat heating elements with 11 holes in each element. The holes for the airflow sit neatly behind the elements, reducing the risk for any leakage that might occur. The elements are held in place by two small legs that are held down by 4 Hex screws. RFC RIFTCORE DUO So how about the performance? In the end, I ran this at 60w for a vape that is warm, but very far from hot. All that stuff aside, the flavor produced by the RFC elements is very good, and the air flow is super smooth, and if they last as long as advertised it is a tank that will be cheap to run for years down the road. Besides, I will recommend you brain freeze e-juice to use with this RDA, it will give you amazing vaping experience.

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