WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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    higher standards heavy duty glass spoon pipe

    Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe

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    Product details

    Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe

    • Brand: Higher Standards
    • Unit: set
    • Type: Accessories
    • Net Weight: 108(g)

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    Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe is a truly perfect manual smoking pipe that captures all the best aspects of durability and functionality, with a handheld design that delivers long-lasting and flavorful smoke. This ergonomic manual spoon pipe is hand-made in the United States. It uses medical-grade borosilicate glass with a thickness of three millimeters and is designed for daily use. The Spoon Pipe is designed with a flared mouthpiece and a wide-rimmed base that provides a comfortable grip. Designed with a large bowl for ample fills, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Glass Spoon Pipe cools the smoke with each draw. With every pull, the spacious chamber produces extraordinarily dense clouds of smoke. The large mouthpiece gives more steamroller-type hits and provides the ability to clear the chamber rapidly. The flared mouthpiece provides an airtight seal, so no smoke is wasted. The bottom of this pipe is super thick and that's great because that's typically where breaks in spoons occur. The flat base also means it won't tip over easily or go sliding of your table. This pipe comes with a metal poker to keep it clean and help pack your bowls. And aside carburetor hole provides airflow regulation to control the size of your hit with each draw. Control airflow with a left side carb, and watch the pipes clear chamber fill with dense clouds of delicious smoke.


    • Large Fill Capacity

    • Wide, Flat Base

    • Handcrafted Borosilicate Glass

    • 3 mm Thick

    • Made In The USA

    • Durable & Lightweight

    • Flared Mouthpiece

    • Side Carburetor Hole

    • Sandblasted Logo

    • Packaged In Sleek Collector's Case

    • Ergonomic Grip

    Height: 1in
    Length: 4in
    Width: 1in
    Carb Side: Left Side Carb
    Glass Thickness: 3mm
    Made In: USA
    Material: Borosilicate Glass


    1x POKER

    How To Use A Glass Spoon Pipe / Bowl:

    1. Packing Your Pipe First things first, you're going to need to fill your bowl with herbs. For this, you will need to break it down into smaller pieces.
    2. Hold the carb Right next to the bowl you're going to see another hole – this is called a carb. Place your finger over this hole as you hold the pipe.
    3. Inhale through the mouthpiece + Light the bowl Both of these steps need to be done at the same time. If you try to light the bowl without inhaling then there is a good chance you are going to burn your finger. If anything, start inhaling first then light the bowl to avoid a burn. You do not have to inhale very hard. If it’s your first time use a bowl or spoon pipe then make sure to take it as easy as possible.
    4. Release the carb As you inhale the pipe itself will fill with smoke. To release this smoke you need to take your finger off of the carb.


    Attention: As the manufacturer needs the serial number to provide a replacement, we highly recommend you keep the original packing box or take picture of the code before discarding it. Thank you!

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