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Product Lost Vape Cyborg Quest Review

Lost Vape Cyborg Quest kit is a gritty and futuristic-looking device, the mod is solid and sturdy, uses a single 21700/20700/18650 ⁠ battery, and can deliver up to 100W. The Quest 2.0 chip offers 5 vaping modes and 3 user records.

► First impressions:

The colorway sent to me for this Cyborg Quest 100W test is "Full SS". Many of you might think of a device very similar to Artery Cold Steel, however, the Lost Vape Cyborg Mod has a very specific identity with a much more refined and stylish design, robust and massive to the nth degree. It also uses and inherits from Thelema 200W the Quest 2.0 chip which in my opinion is among the best low-cost chips in this category.

I am pleased to note that Lost Vape also tries to make its magnetic Pods interchangeable with each other, in fact, the tank is the classic UB Pro Tank with the very comfortable raised side filling and it is the same magnetic cartridge used on the Ursa. The cartridge is equipped with the 510 connection with adjustable AFC already seen on the Thelema 200W.

1 Cyborg Quest Review

With the specific design of the intertwined lattice frame, the mod in the hand is quite comfortable despite the considerable weight. The thumb finds its natural position at the top within this design and the little finger naturally wraps and supports the Mod in the rounded part below the front panel.

2 Cyborg Quest Review

Cyborg uses the same Quest 2.0 chip and graphical interface that was used on the Thelema Quest 200W and Ursa Quest 100W. On the display it is possible to view:


• Coil value

• Battery level indicator with numerical percentages

• Operating mode

• Wattage setting

• Duration of the last puff and number of user records

• Power step (Soft, Normal, Hard) and Puff counter

• Settings


As on Thelema Quest, there are 4 sturdy keys, precise and slightly protruding; fire button, adjustment buttons, and mode button. Below at the bottom is the Type-C DC 5V charging socket.


Cyborg's frame is made entirely of zinc alloy. On the right side of the mod is the name of Lost Vape and on the right side is the name of Cyborg Quest. The back at the top has a nice woven design and at the bottom, the design is smooth and round with a comfortable grip.

3 Cyborg Quest Review

Cyborg Quest Mod top and bottom view:

The 510 connection at the top is held in place by three Torx screws and has a gold-plated spring-loaded center pin. Ub Pro tank 26mm finds a happy place, however, it is possible to install tanks up to 32mm in diameter without external protrusions.

On the bottom, there is a steel cap equipped with a liftable handle and three safety vent holes for the battery. The thread is smooth and the cap is screwed/unscrewed with ease.

4 Cyborg Quest Review

The batteries that we can install on Cyborg Quest Mod are; the classic 18650 using the adapter included in the kit or the large 20700 or 21700 without adapter.

5 Cyborg Quest Review

► Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank:

A valuable tank that can be dismantled into 4 pieces, the 810 type Drip-tip has two sealing rings, the cartridge with transparent circular design in PCTG contains up to 5ml of e-liquid, the metal lower part is threaded for an effective union with the 510 bases equipped with an AFC ring.

6 Cyborg Quest Review

The classic circular tank design should not be misleading, this is not a classic magnetic connection system, the Lost Vape technicians have chosen a solid screw fixing between the Pod / PCTG parts and the steel AFC base. This might appear inconvenient when you have to change the coil compared to a magnetic system.
However, the system designed by Lost Vape offers several advantages; such as the refill from the top, so you don't need to detach the tank to fill it.

Another great plus is to be able to count on better air regulation, in fact, the screwing system compared to the magnetic one reduces drafts to a minimum and is much more precise. The coils are inserted under pressure from below.
The UB Pro Pod Tank AFC system is designed with a triple air intake to hit the coil with a wide and balanced flow.

7 Cyborg Quest Review

8 Cyborg Quest Review

► UB Pro Coil Range:

There are currently two types of UB Pro Mesh-Coils for the cartridge and can be purchased in packs of 2 pieces:
• 0.15Ω UB Pro P1 NI80 Mesh-Coil with 70-90W Range
• Mesh-Coil UB P3 from 0.3Ω Range 60-70W usable with temperature control in a range of 260-290 ° C and 500-550 ° F.

9 Cyborg Quest Review

► Vaping test and final conclusions:

With such a particular design and with dimensions and weight not exactly contained, this Cyborg kit by Lost Vape is suitable for those who want a sturdy and durable "outside the traditional" device, suitable for DL / RDL vaping types.

The new Chipset Quest 100W derives from that of Thelema 200W and is widely adjustable and reliable as well as full of functions, it provides more stable performance than the average of Chinese circuits with a powerful delivery adjustable on 3 boost levels, also in the menu for TC you can set instantly the wattage you want, the temperature and the power can be accurately set in the SS / TI / NI modes, saved and overwritten in three different users presets. The management of settings with the convenient "mode" button and the battery life is really good.
Lost Vape defines its chipset as a valid alternative to DNA, you certainly cannot blame it given the price difference that is such as to justify the absence of the TCR. The DC-DC storage converter with an output voltage higher than the input allows Step-Up with a semi-discharged battery.

The 26mm UB PRO tank best interprets the type of circular design tanks with replaceable 810 drip-tip, the performance of the AFC is optimal for the Flavor and the ease of use with the refill placed at the top makes this operation very convenient and fast.

• Mesh-Coil UB Pro P1 NI80 from 0.15Ω Range 70-90W:
Given the great power that can be reached by this coil, the triple AFC is 100% exploitable. Starting from 70W (minimum range), the reactivity to the Fire is immediate, from 80 to 90W with AFC wide open you undoubtedly get a great yield and a lot of vapor emission, the power supply seems constant and the coil does not show to suffer from the highest powers. The Puff is always very quiet. By slightly choking the AFC, the aromatic yield increases hand in hand with the heat. To obtain the best aromatic performance with the new coil, you must first consume a couple of Tanks.

• Mesh-Coil UB Pro SS904 from 0.3Ω Range 60-70W:
This very interesting Mesh-Coil can be used indifferently in VW or in TC / SS904 with settings between 260-290 ° C and 500-550 ° F.
The first impressions beyond the modality used are those of a balanced Coil and as a flavor, the sugary part of the liquid seems to be very accentuated.
The initial power delivery is certainly faster in VW mode, in TC you feel greater linearity of the Puff, I am not a TC expert and I rarely use it, however, I think it is a nice Vaping experience for newbies, moreover I assume that with the use of TC it is also possible to obtain a longer duration of the coil.

• RBA UB Pro Postless Style:
I was fine with the supplied Ø3mm coil which turns out to be 0.3Ω.
I started at 30W and since its liquid supply is very good, I ended up using it at 37W without any inconvenience.
The 5ml of liquid that contains the cartridge and the medium / low consumption of liquid allows long vaping sessions, some small difficulties with small screws can be encountered during the build of the coil, however, it seems to be a good very balanced RBA for a good flavor, the solution of keeping a hole under the coil of only Ø2mm while maintaining a slightly contrasted puff seems to me to be guessed right.

► Lost Vape Cyborg Quest kit; PRO:

• Superior quality Lost Vape construction
• Wide choice with various combinations of materials and colors
• 5 Vaping modes: VPC, Bypass, Watt, Volt, TC (SS316 / Ti / Ni)
• 3 power steps (Soft, Norm Hard)
• 3 additional user memories
• Type-C charging
• Adjustable AFC in steel
• Convenient side trim at the top

• Coil UB Pro 0.3ohm for TC
• RBA UB Pro available for purchase separately
• Replaceable 810 Drip Tip
• Convenient price

► Lost Vape Cyborg Quest kit; Tips:

• The TCR function is missing

10 Cyborg Quest Review


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