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The Solo is yet another great mod in the Lost Vape line that uses the Quest 2.0 chip that many of us have come to like very much and has been used in previous releases such as the Centaurus BF, Thelema 200W, Ursa, Grus, and Cyborg. The Solo plays off of the Thelema design as far as appearance and has a C frame for battery loading which I like very much. The kit includes the same UB Pro pod tank which is a great performer but I feel like it’s time for Lost Vape to come out with a new tank or even an RTA to pair with the kits. Either way, I don’t think you will be disappointed if you decide to try this kit. 


The packaging for the Thelema Solo arrived in normal Lost Vape style. The white box with black writing and a picture of the device inside on the front has become their signature design in my mind. As usual, the package contents are on the back of the box along with a security code.

I know I’ve mentioned this once or twice before but I like how Lost Vape wraps their mods in a protective cover for shipping. It’s that little extra bit of care that helps to set them apart. One other thing I liked and didn’t notice until opening the Solo was how the accessory box has the contents listed on the box so you know whether you even need to open that box or not to get you started. I did not since I have a ton of charging cables and intended on running the mod with a 21700.

THELEMA SOLO 100W Review 1

THELEMA SOLO 100W Review 2

I have the Thelema Quest as well as the Thelema DNA250C and feel like Lost Vape did a fantastic job keeping with the Thelema design and aesthetics. On one side is the Lost Vape name while on the opposite side is Thelema Solo. I received the stainless steel carbon fiber version so on the back of the mod is a carbon fiber covering with very little padding. A very attractive looking combination in my opinion.

The carbon fiber covering is part of the C frame battery cover. I like very much that they decided to go with this type of battery cover instead of a screw-on battery cap on the bottom like some of their previous mods. To me, this helps to keep the feel of the original Thelema design. You can see in the picture below that once the cover is removed that the battery polarity is clearly marked.

THELEMA SOLO 100W Review 3

THELEMA SOLO 100W Review 4

The front of the mod will look familiar to you if you have used any of the recent releases from Lost Vape in the Questline of devices. This mod as well as a handful of previous mods released by Lost Vape uses the Quest 2.0 chipset. In my opinion, it is a close runner-up to the DNA chipset.

The large square fire button is near the top of the device followed by the vibrant display screen as well as the +, menu, and – buttons. Near the bottom of the mod, the face is the USB-C fast-charging port. The display screen shows the following information.

- Coil resistance and battery percentage on top
- Mode of operation( Power, Bypass, Voltage, VPC, Ni, Ti, SS316, SS904)
- Wattage or temperature set
- Pod or Mod mode and user profile
- Normal/ Soft/ Hard operation mode and puff counter
- Setting on the bottom that takes you into the menu system

The solos offer five modes of operation:

1. VPC Mode

2. BYPASS Mode

3. Wattage Mode (with the soft, norm, and hard preheat level options),

4. Voltage Mode

5. Temperature Control Mode (SS904/SS316/Ti/Ni)

Inside the settings menu, there are more options. They are:

- Atomizer( tells atomizer resistance and current settings)
- Screen( adjust screen brightness)
- User( three settable user profiles)
- Reset
- About( shows software version)

3 User Records

Allows you to create presets of different modes and easily switch between 3 user records while using normal coil, TC coil, and RBA.

The Solo just like the other mods using the Quest 2.0 chip offers multiple safety features.

 Short-Circuit Protection
 Weak Battery Protection
 Over Heat Protection
 10 seconds over-time protection

THELEMA SOLO 100W Review 5

If you choose to get the full kit then it will include the UB Pro pod tank that has been released for some time now and was included with prior kits. I won’t go into great detail on the pod tank since I’ve covered it in my previous reviews. I will say that this tank is a great performer for flavor and vapor production whether it’s using the included coils or the optional RBA. The included coils are the following.

UB Pro P1 Coil 0.15Ω
Coil resistance: 0.15Ω Mesh Coil
Rate: 70-90W
Available for DL

UB Pro P3 Coil 0.3Ω
Coil resistance: 0.3Ω Mesh Coil
Rate: 60-70W / 260-290℃ / 500-550℉
Available for DL

Also available as a separate purchase is the RBA which in my opinion works very well and is definitely worth the purchase price.

UB Pro RBA Deck
Resistance Range: 0.15-3.0 Ω

THELEMA SOLO 100W Review 6


I feel like the Thelema Solo 100W kit is yet another great offering from Lost Vape. It kept with the design and aesthetics of the previous Thelema models while bringing the new feel of a thinner single battery version that will allow you to use either a 18650 with the included adapter or a 21700 for extended battery life. It seems to me that the Quest 2.0 chipset does a pretty good job of power management and felt like I got a very long battery life with the 21700 battery being used.

THELEMA SOLO 100W Review 7

I very much like the C frame design for battery replacement more so than the previous threaded cap design that has become very popular across different brands of mods. I do have to say that the unit I received had a little movement in the battery cover. It wasn’t terrible but if I shifted it in my hand the right way then I did get a little shifting from the cover.

The UB Pro tank and coils are tried and proven time after time to provide very good flavor and vapor production in my opinion. I prefer the .3 ohm coils and that is what I have chosen to stock up on. If you do not like to stock coils then the RBA is a great option. It is a fairly large unit which makes it easier to build compared to most that I’ve tried. Not only is it easy to build but also provides superior flavor whether you use a simple round wire coil or some other exotic coil.


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