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Share Your Own Vaping Story & Get Vaping Gift!

No matter how long you have vaped for, you must have your own vaping story to share with us! Take part to join in this event, tell your story of vaping and get the chance to win a set of Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN!

* All voters can get 500 points 1 time, 3 of the lucky guys can get 1 set of Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN each winner.

* Your information will be used for shipping when you win the gift, if you're not the winner of this event, we won't use or disclose your information.

* VapeSourcing reserve all the right for the final explanation.

VapeSourcing Marketing Dept. 

3rd June 2017  

Giveaway Announcement   

Dear Customers, 

Vapesourcing My Vaping Story Investigation has come to the end. Thank you for your participation and your story. According to the data chosen by Random, three particiant are the lucky. We are pleasure to announce the Winner and thank a lot for your active participation again. Congratulations!!!!

Vapesourcing My Vaping Story !!! Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN Winner (13th, June)-- Jacob Hurdle. Dominik manzenberger, Maksim Labuzov.   



Please contact User / VapeSourcing by private massage.

VapeSourcing Marketing Dept.    

15th June 2017  


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