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Trends Study Confirms States With Legalised Marijuana Had Less EVALI Cases

Another US study finds that States with well-established legal markets permitting marijuana sales and use for adults, have experienced far fewer incidences of EVALI.

Last December, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), confirmed that EVALI, the infamous vape relatedlung disease that has sadly spread across the US, was caused by Vitamin E Acetate Oil. This compound was mainly found in illicit THC Vaping Cartridges purchased on the blackmarket.

In line with this, a study published by JAMA Network Open earlier last April, had indicated that the occurrence of EVALI was less common in US States where marijuana products are legal. Our results are suggestive that those in recreational marijuana states may be less likely to purchase illegal marijuana products on the black market,said Dr. Alex Hollingsworth, assistant professor in the ONeill School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University and co-author of the JAMA Network Open study.

Less EVALI cases in states where marijuana is legal

Similarly, recent data published in the journal Addiction reported a negative relationship between the occurrence of EVALI and the availability of legal marijuana markets. “A negative relationship between EVALI prevalence and rates of pre-outbreak vaping and marijuana use suggests that well-established markets may have crowded-out use of riskier, informally sourced e-liquids.”

“Indeed, the five earliest states to legalize recreational marijuana — Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington — all had less than one EVALI case per 100,000 residents aged 12 to 64. None of the highest EVALI-prevalence states — Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Delaware and Indiana — allowed recreational marijuana use.”

Vapesourcing Opinion:

Many data have shown that EVALI has nothing to do with e-cigarettes. The main reason is the use of illegal THC purchased on the black market. These false reports misled smokers and forced them to smoke again.


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