Vandy Vape Capstone BF RDA 24MM--New product!

【2018-06-19 10:07:00】

The great weekends and games are over, who win the game in next night?

Let's expect their wonderful performance such as vandy vape's new product--Capstone BF RDA!!!




Vandy Vape Capstone BF RDA is a 24mm squonk atomizer designed by Vapehappy, which has stunning appearance. Constructed by stainless steel, it features ramp airflow system BF(Bottom Feeding) pin to match squonk mod with unique waterfall squonk action. From outside, we see its airflow cap, which is decorated with many tiny quadrangular pyramids, that's the Capstone Deck. The deck consists of three layers with single screw to connect it from the top, and it's on its slopes that we build the coils, single or dual coils, delivering smooth airflow and produce large vapors. 4 colors are optional. (Click the picture to know more~)



1. Waterfall Squonk Action
2. Single Screw Spring Loaded Capstone Deck
3. Ramp Airflow System
4. 1 Piece PC Comp Cap
5. Dual Slotted Trapezoid Airflow(Single/Dual Coil Compatible)


Best Wishes

VapeSourcing Marketing Dept. 


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