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Trends Is There Actually a Link Between Vaping and COVID-19?

Covid-19, also known as coronavirus, is fastly spreading and bringing economic chaos and deaths worldwide. This contagious virus is also damaging the vaping reputation and the vape business itself. As the virus spreads, also do the lies and misconceptions. The purpose of this post is looking into those statements you may have heard on the internet. 

1.Vaping increases the risk of developing pneumonia if you get the virus

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) people that are at special risk, are those with lung and heart disease, cancer, weak inmune systems, or diabetes. In recent weeks, I have also read articles linking tobacco smoking to more serious complications from Covid-19, even if you are still young and have no pre-existing conditions.

Some doctors are even speculating vaping is making young adults more susceptible to develop pneumonia if infected with coronavirus. This speculation is based on the fact that people who smoke cigarretes have impaired cilia systems -tiny hairs that protect lungs from infections.

While there is a posibility that this might be true, there is no evidence to state that e-liquid can damage the cilia system. According to an article published on March 9 by doctor Farsalinos, we have zero evidence on how e-cigarrete use affects coronavirus infectivity and disease progression.Farsalinos adds in this article that smokers switching to e-cigarretes would definitely have better prognosis (compared to continious smoking) if smoking is found to increase infectivity and disease serverity.

News linking vaping and severe coronavirus effects were spread by New York City mayor Bill de Blasio. De Blasio said that we do know that smoking and vaping makes it easier for the disease to have more negative impact on a persons body. Its not a pre-existing condition, but its an important factor in the equation as well.

2.PG in e-liquid protects you from Covid-19

On the other hand, supporters of vaping often state that propylene glycol in e-liquid prevents illness in vapers. You have possibly seen some posts about this topic on vaping forums and social media.

This common belief amongst vapers comes from a study done after World War II that shows the potential of PG as a desinfecting agent.

We cannot exclude the possibility that the use of PG might have some benefitial effects,says doctor Farsalinos in this regard.

However, the effect of propylene glycol on coronavirus in particular has been never tested. Therefore, we cannot rely on its effectiviness to destroy this virus.

3.Exhaled vapor can pass on Coronavirus

Lets say that you are infected with coronavirus, but you just dont know it yet -or you are asymtomatic. Can your exhaled vapor transmit coronavirus to others?

According to a study carried out by the New England Journal of Medicine on March 17, coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can survive in the air for several hours in fine particles. Thus, aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2 seems plausible,the authors wrote.

This news made some people think that the aerosol exhaled when vaping could transmit coronavirus. However, there is currently no evidence that coronavirus can be caught from exposure to e-cigarette vapour.said Director of Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs at Public Health England, Rosanna OConnor.

Vapesourcing Opinion:

Keeping your vape kit sanitised.  Just as with your glasses and your phone, anything that you touch that goes near your face needs to be cleaned. Use anti-bacterial wipes to clean the body of the kit and the drip tip (mouthpiece) thoroughly and regularly. Frequently take the kit apart and run it under hot water, making sure that it is thoroughly dry before refilling with e-liquid. Finally, dont share your vape with anyone else while the risk of cross-contamination is so prevalent.

There is no evidence that vaping poses any increase to the risk in catching COVID-19, were going to suggest that you avoid cloud chasing in public for the time being. If your vape kit is designed for big clouds, think about temporarily switching to a vape device that is intended for minimum vapour production. 
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