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World Cup Quiz And Vape Kits Giveaway~

 World cup quiz and vape kits giveaway


I always think that a good team is hard to come by, ijust like Ijust 3, with colorful appearence, Ijust 3 looks so beautiful and shinning. It features reimagined net coil and multihole coil systems. Every detail is elaborately engineered. Supporting a max output power of 80w. Change the style as you like. High compatibility. Easily accessible charging port. It can fire up to 80w. What's more, the newest ello duro atomizer has the latest mesh coil that you can enjoy amazing vaping.


1. Support Your Team & Save

 Use your dedicated discount code for the team, enjoy a 10% OFF discount and earn 500 points
One-eighth final team discount code will be refunded an additional 10% of the goods
Team Coupon Code  Available
Argentina WorldCup_ARGWIN YES
Australia WorldCup_AUSWIN YES
Belgium WorldCup_BELWIN YES
Brazil WorldCup_BRAWIN YES
Colombia WorldCup_COLWIN YES
Costa Rica WorldCup_CRCWIN YES
Croatia WorldCup_CROWIN YES
Denmark WorldCup_DENWIN YES
Egypt WorldCup_EGYWIN YES
England WorldCup_ENGWIN YES
Spain WorldCup_ESPWIN YES
France WorldCup_FRAWIN YES
Germany WorldCup_GERWIN YES
Iran WorldCup_IRNWIN YES
Iceland WorldCup_ISLWIN YES
Japan WorldCup_JPNWIN YES
South Korea WorldCup_KORWIN YES
Saudi Arabia WorldCup_KSAWIN YES
Morocco WorldCup_MARWIN YES
Mexico WorldCup_MEXWIN YES
Nigeria WorldCup_NGAWIN YES
Panama WorldCup_PANWIN YES
Peru WorldCup_PERWIN YES
Poland WorldCup_POLWIN YES
Portugal WorldCup_PORWIN YES
Russia WorldCup_RUSWIN YES
Senegal WorldCup_SENWIN YES
Serbia WorldCup_SRBWIN YES
Switzerland WorldCup_SUIWIN YES
Sweden WorldCup_SWEWIN YES
Tunisia WorldCup_TUNWIN YES
Uruguay WorldCup_URUWIN YES
2. Join The Giveaway & Win Vape Kits/Adidas Game Ball

Prizes include:

2* Eleaf iJust 3 Kit New Color Version
1* Adidas Fifa 2018 World Cup Official Game Ball


2018 World cup quiz and vape kits giveaway | VapeSourcing


VapeSourcing Marketing Dept. 

21th, Jun, 2018


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