10 Best Flum Pebble Flavors Review: Impeccably Delicious

flum pebble flavors

Flum Pebble disposable vapes have been making waves in the vape community for good reasons. With their long-lasting battery life, smooth throat hits, and delicious flavors, choosing the best ones can be challenging.Before diving into the flavors, it’s crucial to know how to open a Flum Pebble to ensure you’re ready to enjoy it right away.

That's why I'm penning this review for you – I've read a lot to see what people are saying and examined the numbers, and I bring you the most popular Flum Pebble flavors with utmost probability.

Be sure to provide yourself with a delicious vape with an extraordinary taste that you can test out. These are the top 10 Flum Pebble flavors that are great and at the same time secure meal for your pallet.

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What Makes Flum Pebble So Special?

Flum Pebble is renowned and unforgettable in its own way. The array of flavors is seriously impressive, and this would obviously guarantee there's something for everyone's tastebuds. But it's not just about the options – each flavor delivers vaping sessions like nothing else.

A mesh coil for super smooth vapor and rich flavor. Plus, it comes prefilled with 14 ml of 50mg (5%) nicotine salt vape juice – that's a lot of satisfying draws! The 600-mAh battery keeps the good times rolling, and the expertly balanced draw makes each puff feel perfect. From here on out, your vaping expectations might just change.

What does Flum Pebble Clear taste like?

Flum Pebble Clear is meant to have a light, almost flavorless profile with just a slight icy sensation. Think of it as a refreshing, subtle vape with a hint of cool mint for a clean finish.

10 Best Flum Pebble Flavors Review

1. Clear Flum Pebble

clear flum pebble vape

Want something light and subtle? Clear is designed to be almost flavorless, offering a refreshing hit with the tiniest whisper of cool mint. It's perfect for cleansing your palate or when you want a break from bold flavors.

2. Black Icy Flum Pebble

For menthol lovers, Black Icy really hits the sweet spot. Prepare for a powerful one-two punch of icy frigidness that will make you feel more alive. If you've ever smoked a pure menthol vape pen and enjoyed the super-chill aftertaste, this killer sensation is in the same vicinity.

3. Icy Mint Flum Pebble

Similar to Black Icy, but a touch less intense. Icy Mint is still a blast of coolness, but it's a bit more balanced and smoother. Think of it as the slightly sweeter, tamer cousin of Black Icy.

4. Pink Kiwi Flum Pebble 6000

On smoking pink kiwi, you shall receive a subtle, cool minted vape, making for an excellent vape for people searching for a more pleasant-tasting vape or for you to appreciate your drink or food fully. Onto the fruit side of it, Pink Kiwi brings you e-liquid with Just the right element of tartness. The flavor is bold, true-to-life, and a great pick if you crave something with a bit of tropical flair.

5. Peach Berry Flum Pebble

Here a great option for sweet e-juice lovers. Exactly as billed, Peach Berry is an enticingly sweet mix of ripe peaches with a burst of ripe berries. It’s overly sweet, but the creamy fruity flavor is quite nice.

6. Blanco Grapefruit Flum Pebble

Blanco Grapefruit flum pebble vape

Have you ever combined a zesty spark of grapefruit with a light and sweet undertone? Blanco Grapefruit provides that kind of citrusy delight in each puff. This flavor is perfect for an enthusiast of the refreshing tang of the grapefruit — not too overpowering, surprisingly balanced. Smokers who are truly addicted to the feeling of refreshment with a slight touch of the burning sensation would love the unique twist in the Flum Pebble.

7. Strawmelon Icy Pebble

Icy Strawmelon is a new twist on the classic flavors Set. Strawmelon Icy seamlessly blends fresh strawberry and juicy watermelon tastes for a stunning combination. You will see what a hit this perfect blend of flavor provides. who enjoys fruit salad?

8. Peach Icy Flum Pebble

It's all about being simple and delicious. It is not too sweet yet offering you a freshly juicy peach. The menthol note adds a satisfying coolness that complements the fruit perfectly.

9. Tobacco Flum Pebble 6000

tobacco flum pebble flavors

Want a barricaded tobacco taste? Flum Pebble with its ideal taste of tobacco with a little sweetness and a menthol hint is what you need. This option may be suitable for those who haven't yet decided to switch from cigarettes. It bridges the gap between conventional cigarettes and vaping and tastes like something familiar yet something new.

10. Apple Flum Pebble

apple flum pebble 6000

Rounding out the list, the Apple Pebble 6000 captivates with its crisp and clean taste. Imagine a freshly collected apple, and this option is exactly what it tastes like. Its bittersweet taste would be appreciated by everyone who loves the bitterness and freshness of fruit notes.

FAQs About Flum Pebble

  • How many different Flum Pebble flavors are there?
  • Flum is constantly releasing new and exciting flavors, so the exact number can change. Yet, you can generally expect to find a huge selection of over 30 different Flum Pebble flavors to choose from!

  • Are Flum Pebble flavors sweet?
  • It depends! Some flavors are on the sweeter side, especially fruity ones like Peach Berry. But there are also plenty of options that aren't overly sweet, like Tobacco or the various "Icy" flavors featuring invigorating menthol.

  • What's the most popular Flum Pebble Flavor?
  • This can shift over time, but a few flavors consistently rank high in popularity. Icy Mint, Cool Mint, and fruity options like Strawberry Mango always seem to be fan favorites.

  • Do Flum Pebbles have any unusual flavors?
  • If you're tired of the same old flavors, Flum Pebble delivers. Think of unique combinations like Aloe Watermelon, Red Bang, or even flavors inspired by breakfast cereals! They aren't afraid to get creative.


With so many Flum Pebble flavors, making a choice can feel overwhelming! Let's not forget that it all depends on what YOU love. Try all the various fruity flavors, icy blasts, or even the more unexpected ones! However, this list may be the ideal surprise to help start the search. The ideal Flum Pebble flavor, whether basic or imaginative, is a taste waiting to be found.


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