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How To Do With E-cig Leaks?
What is the E-juice leaks? The concept of E-juice leaks is: smoke liquid from the normal channel outflow, such as by the fog chamber glass tube outside, atomizer base, cigarette holder outside the abnormal channels such as leakage. And the smoke from the mouth of the occasional smoke in the mouth of the situation is not part of the phenomenon of oil spills, this is generally gathered from the condensation of water droplets, the solution: cigarette holder thrown out of the remaining liquid, and then twisted into a paper towel Rope into the rotation can be wiped dry. Bam Bam's Cannoli E Liquid If still does not work, Replace the atomization coil directly. This situation is usually in the starters, many of the first time with electronic cigarettes do not understand how to control the electronic cigarette is easy to cause smoke in the mouth of the situation, with a small electronic the old vapers with the rare occurrence of this situation. From the tobacco cigarette into the electronic cigarette, like a coach car for private cars, there are speed throttle and no speed between the throttle conversion, pay attention to the intensity of foot, many factors affect the time to adapt to understand the electronic smoke. How to solve the "Leaks" The leaks of E-juice in the mouth of the situation, not really leaks, and do not understand the electronic cigarette caused by misunderstanding or improper operation. Generally divided into the following five cases, electronic cigarettes is different from the real smoke, in the use of the way must pay attention. (Only occasionally inhalation of smoke, then, is a normal range, as long as the electronic cigarette will have the phenomenon of steam condensation residue, just the cigarette holder in the residual smoke liquid thrown out, and then use toilet paper into paper sticks into the Drip Tip can be wiped clean! ) moo juice premium e-liquids 1.While you Vaping, the correct method of electronic cigarette posture for the end of the battery rod tilted down, and can not tilt to Vaping! 2.Add the E-liquid to the 1.3ML for the best, the maximum not over 1.6ML (Standard on the mortar scale) 3.Such as the above-mentioned way if not work, Replace the coil can be resolved. The reason is that individualcoil rope is too small, resulting in too fast to enter the E-juice caused by the change can be. 4.From the method of adding E-juice from the beginning to the end is wrong, did not see adding E-juice video demonstration. 5.Lastly, there is a situation is: some people turn off the battery when the battery is not clutching the middle of the metal screw thread twist, but to seize the glass tube of the atomizer, resulting in the glass tube of the atomizer And the thread is unscrewed or loosened and lead to get a hand E-juice!

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