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The Details and Explanation of E-cig's Heating Wire
Electronic cigarettes by the mod (commonly known as box), atomizer and E-liquid, totally three parts. Each part has their functions. In the atomizer, the proportion of heating wire can be reach 40 percent, with a suitable The heat of the core data, then you can get a comfortable electronic cigarette, many Vapers ask me such a question "XX atomizer or XX E-juice with what data is better." So today I put my some of the data and the current market in my daily use, some of the more popular heating wire comparison and we do a sharing. Electronic cigarette heating wire is the most common kind of heating element, its role is to heat after power, the electrical energy into heat. The application of heating wire is very wide, a variety of commonly used electric heating equipment will use heating wire as a heating element, so the heating wire in the medical, chemical, electronics, electrical appliances, metallurgical machinery, ceramic glass processing industry. heating wire The working principle of the heating wire is that the working principle of the heating wire and other metal heating elements are the same, are the metal after the electric power phenomenon. Electric means that the current through the conductor, the current will produce a certain amount of heat and the conductor to pass out. Heating wire itself is a metal conductor, after the power will emit heat, to provide heat. The type of heating wire is divided according to the chemical element content and the structure of the heating wire. The types of heating wire are iron-chrome aluminum alloy heating wire and nickel-chromium alloy heating wire. These two kinds of heating wire as the heating element, in the functional characteristics are different. SMOK Skyhook RDTA, Geek Vape Medusa Reborn and DIGIFlovor Pilgrim are the best RDTA atomizers in the market recently. They are easy to hold all kind of heating wire. e-cigs heating wire Iron chrome aluminum alloy heating wire has the advantage of high operating temperature, the experiment concluded that the highest operating temperature of iron-chromium alloy heating wire to 1400 ℃. Iron chrome aluminum alloy heating wire long life, high resistivity, high surface composite, and have good oxidation resistance. The shortcomings of iron-chrome-aluminum alloy heating wire are lower in high temperature environment. With the increase of temperature, the plasticity of iron-chrome-aluminum alloy heating wire will be enhanced, that is, iron-chromium-aluminum alloy heating wire is prone to deformation in high temperature, And deformation is not easy to repair. Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire has Geekvape Clapton SS316 the advantage of high temperature in the high temperature environment, long-term high temperature operation is not easy to deformation, easy to change the structure, and nickel-chromium alloy heating wire at room temperature plasticity, deformation after the repair is relatively simple. In addition, nickel-chromium alloy heating wire with high emissivity, without magnetic, corrosion resistance, long service life.

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