WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Easy Access No Spill Top Filling System Kangertech K-pin Starter Kit

Today, more and more manufacturers release Pen-style E-cig. Such like SMOK Stick V8 kit, Eleaf Ijust Nexgen kit and Wismec Motiv Pod Kit. And today, we are going to introduce a new Pen-style kit from Kangertech, Which is called K-Pin. It's kinda impressed me by the new design. Fashionable looking, Extraordinary holding experience, offering easy operation and excellent performance in your daily life. It also provides 5 difference coolest color, and the new colors also coming soon. Kangertech Look at the packaging. Stationery box-style packaging, simple and convenient to open. Classic black and white tones, simple and refreshing. The box is printed with a partial pattern of the product and shows the color of the current product. This package official launched 5 colors, it seems to be prepared from it! In addition, the box also printed on the product name, the company's LOGO, QR code and other information. Kangertech K-Pin Starter Kit-2000mAh comes with one K-PIN kit, two SSOCC SS 0.2 Ohm, USB cable and Manual. Only from the appearance can be clearly seen K-PIN different: atomizer and battery rod accounted for more perfect, the main "mercury column" -like ignition key is very eye-catching, black conical nozzle Natural and smooth, really nice! Fire button and LED indicator: fire button and indicator light fusion design, shape like thermometer "mercury column", but the color is black, on behalf of the output of violence. Round arc fire button, feel rounded, touch pressure back strong, crisp sound, and the rod with a close without loosening. Above the five soft LED indicator, can always give players a smart reminder. Kangertech K-Pin Starter Kit-2000mAh KangerTech K-Pin compared with the conventional Stick-type electronic cigarette, not just the shape of the change. In fact, it has a lot of very creative design, add a lot of high-tech elements, especially in the atomizer. The structure of the atomizer is not complicated, can be easily split into: drip tip, top cap, storage tank and base 4 parts. Easy to clean. Seems simply atomizer, but really "different". Hidden drip tips. Similar to the lipstick design style, by rotating the twist drip cover can lift the telescopic drip. Feeling the greatest benefit is to always protect the drip, to ensure cleanliness. The two grooves on the nozzle are designed to facilitate the rotation and removal of the drop tips. Inlaid tank. Not simply the glass tube as a storage tank, but in the stainless steel tank on the wall embedded in the medical grade heat-resistant glass, so not only increased the suit of beauty, more effectively prevent the glass warehouse by the external force was bump, The impact caused the rupture. A pair of observation windows on the tank can control the amount of smoke. 4ml of oil storage is very conscience, can greatly reduce the number of E-juice. Kangertech K-Pin Starter Kit with new color The design of the atomized head is also unique: the two juice guide holes are not large, can reduce the risk of oil spills, the use of low VG content of the vape, even if the rapid rapid lung suction and no fuel flow caused by dry Produce paste. At the same time, there is no fried juice. However, in the use of high VG vape when there is a paste of taste, so pay attention to the choice of VG content, it is strongly recommended to use low VG content of the vape to prevent poor juice supply dry. In addition, due to the higher position of the hole, the need to observe the oil tank in the oil level. This conclusion is only for the current 0.2 ohm atomized head. All in all this package is not only good appearance of high value, good taste, performance to force, and the overall stainless steel material, fine workmanship, thread bite perfect, no loose obstruction, feeling impeccable. If you like it, don’t miss out, check it on VapeSourcing.com.

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