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Something About Vaper
What is a vaper? A vaper is simply someone that vapes. They come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, and more. No matter how diverse and varied the vaping community is, there are several vaping stereotypes that are at least a little bit true. The following is a look at 10 kinds of stereotypical vapers. Chances are, you know someone that falls into one of these categories. If you regularly hang out at vape shops or attend vape meets, then you probably know several people that live up to these stereotypes. It's entirely possible that you are one of these kinds of vapers yourself. vapers Please keep in mind that this hard-hitting expose isn't a dig at any vaper. It's a fun article that's meant to point out the ways some vapers behave and the things that some vapers do. It's not an attack on anyone, but a celebration of wonderful idiosyncrasies. If you happen to fall into one of the categories below, my advice is to embrace it and be true to yourself. A stereotypical vaper that's almost always sporting a black t-shirt from a vaping company, the cloud bro is all about vapor production. Flavor and nicotine are things that they sometimes enjoy, as long as they don't get in the way of generating voluminous vapor. The cloud bro loves low-resistance coils and high-wattage mods. Any vaping device that doesn't produce at least 100 watts is considered a toy to this vaper. This vaper waxes eloquently about an e-liquid's low notes, mid notes, and top notes. whether they're present or not. They can tell you the exact PG and VG percentage of a vape juice - down to tenths of a percent - from just a few inhales. It's common to see flavor aficionados drop a bit of e-liquid on their hand for a quick taste test. They claim to be able to tell the difference between 'gourmet' e-liquid and mass-market e-liquid in a blind taste test. vaping The tricky part is determining whether a flavor aficionado is the real deal or not. Some vapers do indeed have enlightened tastebuds that can detect layers and nuances in e-liquid. Some just like to use big words and ornate descriptions so it seems like they have a deeper understanding of flavor. A similar issue has plagued the wine community for centuries. On the most basic level, tricksters are vapers that are passionate about vape tricks. Most of them fall into two categories. The 'pop star' vape trickster lives to entertain the vaping community. They're performers that get a charge from the reaction they get from executing a brilliant jellyfish. Like Lady Gaga, they live for the applause.pop star vape Then there's the solitary version of the vape trickster. First and foremost, this vaper performs tricks for his or her satisfaction. They want to achieve the best tricks possible as a personal challenge. Garnering cheers and winning trick contests are meaningless to them. It's all about the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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