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"Set" or "Assembling"
Electronic cigarette is usually composed by two parts - the atomizer and Mod, just as the camera is composed of two parts of the lens and body. This combination should be called "match", but not "assembly". The atomizer is responsible for evaporating the vape to produce mist, and the mod is responsible for supplying the atomizer, which is the two main parts. Kangertech K-Pin Starter Kit Some combination are the atomizer and the mod together to sell, this is called "suit". Some products are sold in the form of a single product, consumers need to buy separately.  Set is characterized by easy to buy, consumers do not have to consider the atomizer and host with, as long as in accordance with their own needs, budget and appearance requirements to choose their favorite set of products can be. Although the package is convenient, but sometimes the set of nebulizers or host limitations are relatively large, can not bring users more play, so the package is usually more suitable for new people to experience the experience of electronic cigarettes, but also for those who do not have time and energy to "play", just want to use the consumer groups for the vape alone. Such as aspire speeder kit. Aspire Speeder with Athos Full Kit Single part is the most common form of electronic cigarettes, consumers in accordance with their own needs to buy a separate atomizer and mod to use with. This way requires the user to the basic knowledge of electronic cigarettes and equipment to a certain degree of understanding, according to their own use to choose, with a good effect. A single product between the mix which is the choice between the cross-brand. Such as the atomizer to choose a brand, the host to choose another brand. This is because some brands to the performance of the atomizer known, and some brands are more professional for the production of the host, that is, the so-called "surgery industry specializing in". Such as Geekvape Ammit Dual coil RTA with Predator 228. Geekvape Ammit Dual coil RTA with Predator 228- Bundle Although the electronic cigarette brand now showing a "comprehensive" development, which means that the brand want to make their own product line comprehensive, not only atomizer and mod, but also vape, batteries and other accessories, first take a look at appearance, this professional gap has not yet reached a very satisfactory effect, so the current single part selection is still to cross the brand with the main. Whether it is a single product or suit, in addition to the atomizer and the mod, the user also need to buy the product according to the actual situation to consider whether to buy batteries, chargers, heating wire, cotton, electronic cigarette tools and other accessories. The number of the first time the best not to buy too much, if not suitable for their own to avoid waste. Consumables in the most important thing is vape, and to a large extent determine the advantages and disadvantages of your electronic cigarette experience. So to choose their own taste and concentration of vape.

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