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How Many Kind Of Atomizer?
The atomizer is the most important part of the electronic cigarette, except for the power supply equipment. The vape is obtained by heating the E-juice, the atomizer to heat the vape on the internal E-juice. The structure of the atomizer and the structure of the atomization chamber greatly affect the taste. structure of atomizer Classification of Atomizer:
A. finished Atomizer
B. RBA Atomizer (Rebuild Atomizer)
RBA can be :
1.RTA (Rebuild tank Atomizer)
2.RDA (Rebuild drip Atomizer)
3.RDTA (Rebuild drip tank Atomizer)
All the atomizer works all the same, through power supply, heating the atomizer within the heating coil (or called the atomization core), evaporation coil external (or internal), E-juice on the adsorption, and then through the inhaled airflow away after the vape. Any change in that point will affect the feel of the atomizer. Finished atomizer, because it is used with the atomizer supporting the finished heating core, so we called it finished atomizer. Generally it does not have a DIY base (some products are equipped with a DIY component), and finished heating core because of its structural problems, although the ability to reset, but the effect of reset are generally difficult to reach the original effect, and it needs for longer time. RTA, RDA, RDTA RBA atomizer, also known as a re-configurable atomized core. Do not have finished product atomization core, the need for vapers to bypass the coil, install the coil and cotton. According to its structure can be divided into RTA, RDA, RDTA three types. RTA is a reproducible atomizer, RDA is a refurbable drip atomizer, RDTA is a drip atomizer with tank. The atomizer after so many years of development, due to the needs of vapers, there have been a variety of styles, tend to novice used in the finished atomizer, tend to the taste of the mouth. The endless stream of structural innovations is for the vapers to get a better experience.

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