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How To Choose RDA
First of all, you have to know what you needs, what are you prefer between performance and taste. And now, the emergence of 22MM and 24MM RDA products, in most cases, the RDA will be in the 22MM diameter range, while the based, RDA product side in the 24MM range, of course, this is only the general case in normal. After choosing a good diameter size, you can start thinking about double post or single post. In a single RDA you can use a single filament to achieve a quality experience. The filament makes up for the traditional single-generation coil to produce enough vape and enhance the situation Grainy. Single structure to do the core operation is also relatively simple, lazy friends can consider a single structure RDA. Even the RDA has many different differences in the structural design, but they all same shit. Single or double, in fact, you only need to choose a favorite appearance is enough. fumytech vendetta rda Tasteful of 22MM RDA, most of the 26G, 24G can use the diameter, the implementation of 2.5,3.0 circle, more pertinent lap about 6-8 laps (double post), according to their own habits and slightly modified. While the single post of the RDA is relatively simple, direct use of Clapton coil. Cloud-type RDA due to the size of the atomization space, there will be restrictions on the diameter, for example, like BOSS HUG 22MM RDA, its use of 22G wire diameter is reasonable. And similar Kennedy, and other 24 diameter RDA, if you do not use the filament, then the basic can start with 21G diameter, large intake so that even if the use of 22G wire diameter is not necessarily give you the second vape suction saturation. What kind of mod should RDA fit with? There is no discussion of mechanical mod. The general regulator mod is theoretically enough to use RDA, but there is a good problem. TEX type RDA generally use 24 or 26G double post, the resistance in the range of 0.2-0.35, so even if the single power mod, the use of 35 - 50W output requirements can be competent. And cloud type RDA does not need to say, low resistance requirements under the use of dual power mod will be better, if 0.12 or a double post RDA, often in the 80--100W start. joyetech procore remix atomizer Because of the single or double battery, the impact of dual-power mod is certainly the best choice, whether it is taste or cloud-type RDA, the use of single-power mod navigation often can not achieve the desired state. For example, a use of 24G wire diameter double post data, resistance 0.25Ω atomization core RDA, respectively, the use of a single power, dual power mod in the 50-80W contrast between you may be aware of the difference.

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