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How To Buy A Sub-ohm And RDA Tank
Before you buy any sub-ohm tank, examine the quality of the threading. A sub-ohm tank has at least one threaded joint to allow you to replace coils and refill the tank. You'll most likely open your tank several times each day for refilling, so the threads need to be easy to turn and able to withstand repeated use. The most common complaint about sub-ohm tanks is that they leak. Look for a tank that includes plenty of o-rings to keep the e-liquid where it's supposed to be. Today, you can find sub-ohm tanks with a lot of extra gimmicks such as extra top-mounted airflow collars and ports for top filling. Every time you add an additional hole to a tank, though, you're creating an additional avenue for potential leaking. If you don't want e-liquid seeping from your tank - and you want a tank with extra air or e-liquid holes - make sure that the manufacturer has addressed potential leaking. IJOY Wondervape RDA An RDA is the attachment that you want to use for sub-ohm vaping if superior vapor production is the primary thing that you want from your vaping experience. When you open an RDA, you'll see some posts with holes and screws - and not much else. It'll be up to you to provide the wire, wrap a working coil, add a wick to the coil and attach it to the posts. In other words, an RDA gives you electrical connectivity to your e-cigarette. You'll need to do the rest - including making sure that your coils are actually safe to use. Building an atomizer coil for the first time is a bit of an intimidating experience. At the end of this article, you'll find text instructions and a link to a photo series that will make things simpler for you. RDAs really aren't for beginners, though. If you're new to e-cigarettes and someone at a vape shop attempts to sell you an RDA - especially one that comes with a mechanical mod - you should run far, far away. Horizon Arco Sub Ohm Tank A re-buildable atomizer has a positive post and a negative post - and sometimes more than one of each. Most current RDAs are designed to accept two coils. So, to set up an RDA, you'll take two resistance wires and twist them around a drill bit or coil jig to make two coils. You'll attach the leads of those coils to the posts of the RDA and insert a wick into each coil. You'll check the resistance of your atomizer to confirm that your e-cigarette supports it, and then you'll trim the coil leads, close the RBA and attach it to your e-cigarette.

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