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Build Your First Coil

Important tips for you to build your own first coil. When buying resistance wire for sub-ohm vaping, note that a larger number indicates a thinner wire and therefore a higher resistance. This is because thicker wires have more volume, allowing more current to flow. A coil jig includes several posts that allow you to adjust the diameter of your coil turns. If the number of turns per coil is the same, a larger post will result in a higher-resistance coil because you're using more total wire. If you use a smaller post and increase the number of turns, you can increase the amount of coil that touches the wick while increasing the resistance less. Geekvape Ammit Dual Coil review We strongly recommend using ceramic tweezers when adjusting your coils. The ceramic will protect your hands and won't conduct electricity. Always check the resistance of a new atomizer build before using it. Always know the capabilities of your mod and battery before using a rebuildable atomizer. Begin by screwing the RBA base into your build platform. Cut about eight inches of wire from the spool and divide the wire into two halves. Cut a length of cotton from a pad. Assemble the coil jig according to the included instructions. Loosen the three atomizer posts with a screwdriver. Thread a length of wire through the eye of the coiler, wrapping it tightly around the post to begin the first turn. Leave the end of the wire facing up. Place the other half of the coiler over the post so that the wire rests under the small head of the coiler. Using the head to guide the wire around the post, turn the coiler several times to make a coil with about 6-8 wraps. Remove the finished coil from the coiler and repeat the process with the second wire. In the future, you can adjust the resistance and surface area of your coils by changing the size of the coil jig post or adjusting the number of turns. Remember, though, that an atomizer build should use two identical coils. Otherwise, they won't heat evenly. SMOK TFV8 Baby T6 coil review Thread the ends of the coils through the holes of the RBA. The coils should be installed on opposite sides of the RBA, with one end of each coil sharing the middle post if you're using a three-post RBA. Adjust the coils before tightening the three RBA posts. Use this time to make sure that excess wire is eliminated and that the coils are as identical in length as possible. The coils should not touch any metal part of the RBA except the posts. Trim the excess leads with scissors or wire cutters.

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