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How To Choose RTA
RTA elect dual or single post, If you are a starter, the single will be a good choice. But please do not doubt the firing capacity of the single, in the last 2016, a wide range of single RTA has begun to slowly support the design of fancy coil, single post use in the fog Comparable to the taste of RDA, but also has a more simple reconstruction operation. In addition to the convenience of operation, the "leaks" must also be concerned. With the evolution of the RTA structure, cotton reconstruction operations have become increasingly simple and reliable, like the recent similar MAGE GTA, CP RTA this type of structure, the operation has better support, not easy to leaks. Therefore, before you purchase of RTA, you can refer to the reconstruction of the electrode structure, the first difficulty of reconstruction is expected to control and whether the operation of cotton is simple and reliable. IJOY Captain RTA Does the VG deployment of the vape will affect the RTA's oiling speed? The structural design of the RTA determines whether it will be affected by the E-juice when you vaping. For example, we are familiar with the KFLP and other filling holes are small RTA, the use of traditional 50% VG E-juice experience is excellent, but once replaced by 80% VG of the E-juice, it may cause not smooth and affect the experience even paste coil, which is the impact of the VG ratio on the viscosity of the RTA due to the change in liquid viscosity. The size of the filling hole, in general, it decide of an RTA's oiling speed, of course, this premise in the absence of cotton production problems in terms of circumstances. Large diameter and large vape is relatively fast, you can choose any vape, of course, some 80% VG or MAX VG high viscosity E-juice will also have the impact of oiling speed. Then you can understand: If you have their own daily vaping habits of vape, you can pay attention to the VG ratio, which may become the basis of which you choose an RTA. ENVII TERRA RTA Not only RDA has a variety of intake design, with extremely convenient RTA also advancing with the times. Generally, for the bottom of the air intake design, but also more widely used in most RTA products. The bottom of the intake of the RTA suction is more smooth, intake stroke section, to a certain extent that can be the first choice of reference. Vandy Vape Kylin RTA What kind of mod will suit for RTA? Each of the mod is the upper limit, and RTA coil parameters can be changed by their own, but each RTA will have a reasonable range of heating coil parameters, this range determines the RTA a perfect play. If you only have a 60W single battery mod.

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