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This Vaping Etiquette Guide Answers All Your Burning Questions
Vaping, or smoking e-cigarettes, has become much more commonplace in recent years, with people nonchalantly puffing on their pens as they stroll down streets or drive their cars. But given vaping's lesser exhalations than, say, cigarettes, some people have become confused about when and where it's appropriate to smoke. To our minds, it seems simple - anywhere you wouldn't light a cigarette, you don't vape. Certain policies have been put in place, such as the U.S.'s ruling that e-cigarettes are explicitly not allowed to be used on airplanes, but many lines are still hazy. vaping online Because of that, European e-cigarette manufacturer Vype took it to the next level, and created an etiquette guide after conducting a survey with Debrett's, a renowned British etiquette company. The handbook discusses everything from where to vape to how to blow out your vapour (note: towards the ground), and how to talk to others about your vaping if they're unhappy with it. After all, as the guide says, "civilized vaping is dependent on good manners, from vapers and non-vapers alike." vaping in the office So, where's a polite vaper to vape? There are definitely more restrictions than there are allowances, according to Debrett's, such as the general rule of not vaping when food is being served, which includes restaurants, as well as people's homes. The survey respondents' biggest pet peeve were those who vaped in confined spaces, such as elevators or waiting rooms. Cars fared slightly better, as that was more dependent on the ownership situation - your car, your rules, right? While we've never seen anyone vaping in an office, apparently this can be a possibility, but it really depends on the company's rules. Basically, if there's a question about whether or not it's appropriate, ask, and err on the side of caution. vaping at home There was also the matter of smell, since many vapes use flavoured e-liquids that emit a pretty potent scent that even fellow vapers might not be into. "While you may be enthusiastic about your latest cheery or mint e-liquid, others may be less keen: as with perfume, strong aromas are a matter of personal taste, and your preference may not be shared by everyone," the guide notes. Vaping etiquette has been casually discussed for years, on forums like Reddit, where the general rule of thumb leans towards consideration of others, particularly not vaping around children. It is only responsible for us to point out that vaping, while thus far found to be better for your health than cigarettes and a potential tool to curb that particular addiction, still means inhaling chemicals into your body, the full effects of which are not yet known. So while it's better to not smoke anything at all, if you're going to vape, do it responsibly. Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/08/22/vaping-etiquette-guide_a_23157088/

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