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Eleaf iStick Tria 300W Kit Preview | Can They Really Beat The Best?

This bold and boxy design of Eleaf iStick Tria kit is a strong competitor to Wismec's Reauleux series.

Vaping is subjective. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. Even the performance of identical setups will vary from user to user. While this is hardly worthy of a fully-fledged debate, have you ever considered what this means for manufacturers? The answer is simple. You identify your target audience and you answer with a product that meets their need. (Enter triple battery box mods…) Whether you love them or hate them, they appear to be here to stay and Eleaf is staking their claim to the market with their newest release. Eleaf iStick Tria with three color Retail Price: $44.9 in https://vapesourcing.com/eleaf-istick-tria-with-ello-s-full-kit-300w.html Colors: Black, Green, Silver In a community that is constantly lauding the merits of compact devices, the iStick Tria Kit is the complete antithesis. This powerful box mod is Eleaf's second triple battery device and it boasts a top firing power of 300 Watts. The sheer size of the eleaf istick tria battery's chassis supports atomizers of up to 25 mm with no overhang – a characteristic that will please users for whom "bigger is always better". Especially now that 25 mm atomizers are becoming more common than ever these days. Eleaf iStick Tria kit online In addition, its simple, rectangular construction features a discreet OLED screen and side facing firing button that is perfectly positioned at thumb height. Well ok, not "perfectly positioned" for everyone, but it's close enough! A great feature of the device is its balancing trickle charge system that aligns the battery levels across all three cells when recharging. This ensures maximum safety and improved lifespan of your batteries. Plus, if you purchase an optional reverse charging adapter, you may also use the mod as a power bank to power your phone, tablet or other micro USB device. The kit includes the ELLO S Tank, a 2 mL or 4 mL tank atomizer that is designed for use with Eleaf's bespoke HW coil family, ideal for high powered outputs and cloud chasing. It also has a convenient, retractable top-fill system and is fully detachable for ease of cleaning. Eleaf iStick Tria review With Wismec essentially owning the triple battery box mod market, it is interesting to see other brands attempting to compete with them for top place. Then again, a little competition does go a long way in driving innovation. It would be exciting to see if Wismec can truly retain their lead in this category. Are you a triple battery box mod devotee? Let us know which mod ranks the highest for you in the comments below. Want more power? Check out these super mods. Source: http://vaping360.com/eleaf-istick-tria-kit/

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