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Top Tips Every Vape Shop Employee Wishes Customers Knew
When you work in a vape shop, you really need to know your stuff. The more you know, the more you can educate your customers. The better educated your customers are, the better their experience, and the better their chances of quitting smoking. Sometimes, and we totally understand this, it can be intimidating to ask questions. Believe me, we are dying to help you. We remember when we first started, many of us when vaping was new and nobody knew ANYTHING, and we are here to help. However (yep, you knew a "but" was coming), there are things that you, as a customer, can do to help yourselves. top tips #1 Know Your Device Knowing your device is like knowing what kind of car you drive. You wouldn't walk into an auto parts store to buy brake pads and answer, "A blue one" when the clerk asked you what kind of car you drive! Knowing at least the name of your device is critical especially when you need to buy coils for it. And, for the record, describing your device doesn't help. When someone says, "I have a silver one and looks kinda like this one over here but it's different..." it does us no good compared to the customer who comes in and says, "Hi! I need coils for the Joyetech AIO, please." Oh, and please bring your device in with you. I can't count how many times someone has come in needing coils, they don't know the name of it, AND they didn't bring it with them for me to see for myself. #2 Be Honest When we ask you questions about how long you've been smoking, how many packs per day you smoke, how much do you smoke when you're stessed, etc. we aren't trying to be nosy. We're not going to use this information to harm or embarass you. We are taking in this information so we can determine the right device and calculate the right nicotine level to help you start your journey off right. So tell us! Trust me, it's cool. Most of us are fellow nicotine addicts. We've been where you are now. #3 Ask Us Questions I can't stress enough how important it is to ask us about things you don't understand. We are here to help, advise, consult, and troubleshoot. We want to take this journey with you and help you celebrate becoming a non-smoker. If you need to know it then we need to help you learn. If you're embarassed because you think you've got a "dumb question" then you should have heard the doozies WE asked when we were new to this! #4 Be Gentle...On YOURSELF! Vaping can be tricky when you're first starting. Hell, it can be tricky for us experienced vapers too! When you are first starting, there is a steep learning curve. You now have to think about things you never had to deal with before like ohms, nicotine levels, device maintenance, whether you inhale mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung, what causes spitback and how to do about it, etc. Smoking was SO much easier, right? Just light up and go. If only it wasn't for that whole pesky lung disease thing. So be kind to yourself when you are just starting. It takes time to navigate this new frontier. Stick with it and soon enough you'll know it like the back of your hand. #5 Find the Right Vape Shop I cannot stress this enough. If your vape shop doesn't inspire confidence, if they do not seem to be dedicated to educating you and helping you, if they don't celebrate your vaping milestones with you, FIND ANOTHER DAMN SHOP. Your health and freedom from tobacco depend on it. Source: https://www.lizardjuice.com/blog/top-tips-every-vape-shop-employee-wishes-customers-knew/

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