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How to Choose RTA?
Different people have different views about the mouthfeel of RTA. I think it is a relatively good, the so-called taste is actually the feeling of smoke in the mouth, mainly the taste, smoke and temperature, throat sensation, sucking feeling etc, which depends on the individual experience, in general, RTA atomizer taste is good enough. RTA atomizer supports single/double heating wire. For beginners, choosing a single heating wire is a good start. The construction of single heating wire is relatively simple and the amount of smoke is not small. After the second half of 2016, more and more single coil RTA atomizers began to support fancy filament coils. This design allows single coil atomizers to operate more convenient while increasing the amount of smoke, and very friendly to newcomers. In addition to the convenience of operation, the "oil leakage" situation cannot be ignored. With the evolution of the structure of the RTA atomizer, the rebuilding operation of the cotton has become more and more simple and reliable, and has better support for novice operations, and it is not easy to leak oil. Therefore, before purchasing the RTA oil atomizer, you can first look at its electrode structure, first predict whether the difficulty of reconstruction can be controlled and whether the cotton operation is simple and reliable. Then decide if you want to buy it. RTA tank capacity has always been a matter of concern to everyone, a 3~5ML tank, with 30~60W output power, a half hours of smoking if you vape slowly is no problem. In the big smoke RTA purchase, do not need to mind how much oil storage space, but in the purchase process can pay attention to RTA's oil injection design. The top injection has become the standard of the current RTA design, and a reliable design of RTA for oil filling can guarantee the RTA's life and give you a petite and compact RTA appearance. In terms of air intake design, the RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer), which is extremely convenient, also keeps pace with the times. Commonly RTA is the bottom air intake design and is also more widely used in most RTA products. The RTA suction resistance at the bottom of the intake is relatively smooth, and the intake stroke segment can be the first reference to choose whether or not to purchase.

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