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Something about E-juice
I mistakenly regard electronic cigarettes as real cigarettes and think that there are electronic cigarettes like real cigarettes. This issue is very common and almost every e-cigarette user will encounter. When I first contact with electronic cigarettes, I also looked forward to these "real smoke" flavored e-juices. Then the result was "try again, and fail again". I bought a brand of real cigarette flavors, and I immediately opened it up, in the hope of familiar taste. The result was very disappointing. I thought that this brand was not reliable and continued to look for the next brand. Finally I tried a lot of brands of real smoke series of e-juice, and finally thoroughly understand that there is still no one can fully achieve 1:1 real tobacco flavor of the oil. knowledge about e-juice Why? The author began to learn e-cigarette knowledge. First, the smoke from electronic cigarettes is different from the smoke from traditional tobacco. Traditional tobacco releases smoke through combustion, and electronic cigarette is powered by the battery to heat the filament, and the smoke oil adsorbed by the oil guide material in the heating filament is used to generate fog. Because there is no flame, no tar and other substances, it is difficult to achieve the same feeling as real smoke on the taste. With the development of e-cigarette technology, there are many brands of e-juice have increased the development of tobacco, although the taste is not bad, but because of the essential difference in smoke generation, it is still not 100% exactly the same. Although there are many tobacco-flavored oils on the market, even a wooden cigarette holder has been designed to simulate the burning of plants. It is only a little closer to the taste of "foreign smoke", and it is quite different from "domestic tobacco" that people are familiar with. Therefore, it is recommended that new friends begin to try smoked oils such as fruits and desserts. After you adapted, the taste of electronic cigarette smoke oil is also unmatched by real cigarettes.

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